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Gameday Thread: Too wet for couch burning edition

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Gary has been in full spin mode for three years. He jumped the shark with panic blitzes.
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  2. Even though we went 4-8 in 2013 you could see that we were pretty close to being there, just were on the bad side of some breaks and needed a few tweaks to get where we wanted to be. Well guess what happened, we regressed to the mean in a good way and make some tweaks and we go 12-1.

    I see the same this year from this year's team. We are close, just need to make a couple of changes, that combined with mean regression and we will be where we need to be.

    But what do I know.
  3. He's coaching for his job in 2020. If GP refuses to make meaningful changes to the staff, he deserves to be shown the exit. Even though that may not be what will happen doesn't make it less appropriate or warranted.
  4. Does anyone feel like winning that game would have somehow magically made us all happy about the season? We aren’t very good and we need to get much better in a whole bunch of areas. Nothing we did today would have made me feel even 1% better about this team. It was a massively disappointing season either way.
  5. Gary’s presser right now is the absolute punctuation on this abortion of a season. It doesn’t look good in the eyes of players, fans, recruits, or administration.

    This whole scheissing thing is burning before our eyes.
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  6. Nothing.

    This was the same as last year:

    Poorly coached on offense. River boat gambling on defense. Rather than protecting a lead and winning the game...we blitz and lose on a deep pass...in every close game. Head coach cares more about being a hero than winning.
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    I know I'm not real interested in hearing talk, maybe others are. IMO personnel needs to have changes ASAP. I know those coaches on that staff are all really good guys (from what I understand,) but sometimes good guys have to find another job. Happens in the working world every day.
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  8. That sucked ass
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  9. We are #28 in ESPN's FPI despite the 5-7 record. Last year we were #47.

    We. Are. Not. That. Far. Away. A new offensive staff and this team is right back into Big 12 title contention.

    But go ahead, think we need to clean house and turn the entire program upside down.
  10. While that sounds good, that 2013 team changed OC’s, returned literally everyone but Verrett, and saw Boykin turn into a superstar. This team loses its best CB, best DL, best OL, best WR, a really good kicker and I’ll be surprised if we make an OC change. Not quite the same thing.
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  11. Sorry, this does not impress me. Being going on all season. According to Mrs. P, you can't say a single word about her husband.

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  12. What did he say?
  13. I would feel probably 3.7% better right now if we'd won.
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  14. Maybe she was talking to Gary. Although he really doesn’t spit words out as much as he projectile vomits them out.
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  15. That’s fair. I’d probably cap it at 5% for myself if I’m being honest .
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  16. Yeah. Coach showing his ass in another presser is the cherry on top of it all. How about “I am the head coach and I take full responsibility for the entire season?”
  17. This "I" [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] getting old.

  18. His pronoun choices have been unfortunate for years
  19. Well-coached teams don’t repeatedly, reliably commit brain-dead penalties. Hell yes it’s on the coaches.

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