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Gameday Thread: Longhorns vs #REJECTS

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Song Sighting...We made it...We really Made one
  2. SONG! F yeah!
  3. Guess we have a new (old) kicker. Not sure I would have kicked that but I’ll take it.
  4. Song sighting
  5. Maybe this will be the day Song comes alive?
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  6. Song is a real person after all.
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  7. Should have gone for it.

    Also. Why did #6 not touch the ball once on that drive? Dumb.
  8. @Bob and 42 others - time to own up.
  9. Agreed. But I’m also slowly coming to the conclusion that Sewo just doesn’t run like we think a normal big back should run. Likes to dance and cut first instead of just hitting it and going. Frustrating at times sadly.
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  10. Take the points. Don’t let momentum slip that early.
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  11. They are jumping those WR screens. I wish we’d stop running those.
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  12. Someday maybe we will consistently see Darius and Sewo out there together in situations like those. That will be a fun day.
  13. Jet will be fine, he'll get his. Need to get SR in a rhythm.

    We good!! 4 qtrs.
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  14. Receivers pick up those outside blocks and it's 7-0
  15. Agreed. Get it and go north-south hard.
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  16. Can Song Punt? Especially when we’re backed up in our own part of the field?
  17. This. They look a little predictable and like they need more on them.
  18. Needed to force turnovers last week and didn’t. Need them again today.
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  19. Somebody watched the a Buckeye playbook
  20. Kickoff (11:52 1Q) - Bunce kicks it out of the end zone.

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