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Gameday Thread: Longhorns vs #REJECTS

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Nail Ehlinger now!
  2. I like Dunham.
  3. 2nd and 9 - Pass over the middle complete at the TCU 47
  4. Turp's play at receiver this year has been bad.
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  5. turpin has finally been getting the targets to shine and hes not showing up.
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  6. 1st and 10 - handoff, jumping around and taken down after a gain of 3
  7. Rewind to the opening kickoff to notice on the bottom of the screen they mentioned that Turpin only needs 19 yards to pass TCU all time return yardage leader “Colby Rodgers”
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  8. 2nd and 7 - handoff again, picks up 3 more.
  9. Where is Garrett Wallows?
  10. Hell yeah! Summers with the well coached defensive move. Excellent!!
  11. Ingram has promise
  12. 3rd and 4 - out route is there, defender fell down, but the pass is wide and incomplete
  13. 4th and 4 - going for it... trying to get them to jump? Pressure up the middle, in the grasp but ball is out and complete for a first down
  14. Gutsy going for it
  15. Gaines is a man
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  16. 1st and 10 @ 33 - pass to the RB, outlet pass and he pays for it, loss of 4
  17. Gained is so good

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