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Gameday Thread: KState vs. TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. We look like track stars vs high school speed, yet they dice us apart and we can’t score. K state isn’t good. Better get this fixed Gary
  2. Seems about 100% lock that one of the 4 freshman RB's eventually transfers out.
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  3. He sees it from where he’s standing
  4. Their QB is 4/12 for 80 yards, and that's including one big play. There's absolutely no reason we shouldn't be able to put something together in the second half to take this one.

    (I mean, other than "Cumbie, Kill, Meacham, and special teams" being reasons)
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  5. We should be checking down tonthenRB all day. They are either blitzing or dropping 7. Foster is a badass...get him the stinkin ball and stop throwing fades!!!!
  6. And he IS hurt.
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  7. If Coker has three more false starts this half I’ll lose it
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  8. Duggan took a helmet shot right in the kidney. There's a good chance we don't see him back for the 2nd half.

    Their staff has dissected our Offensive Brain Trust awfully well. They have an answer for each and every thing we've put up so far. We've helped them with pitiful execution and lousy decisions. Defensively we have gotten no pressure on the QB. Blitzing not only doesn't help, it is considered an opportunity. GMFP is melting down here, and it is sad to look at.

    I honestly cannot see what our Clown Car Offensive Staff can do to change things, other than, you know, use our fine RB corps. I'm sure that will somehow elude them in favor of a full-on 5 wide passing extravaganza, that K-State will blitz into dust. GMFP has to get creative with stunts or something, because when we blitz, I can almost hear their QB saying, "Oh, thank you!" as he heaves it downfield to an open receiver.

    Outside of some miracle, we're looking at getting the ball with 7:50 left in the 3rd, down 21-7, with a hurt QB and no offensive game plan.

    I suggest opening a fresh bottle. This is gonna suck donkey balls...
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  9. We’re fortunate it’s not 21-7
  10. 7 lousy points is all we have to show at half time...
  11. the sad thing is I thought we’d come out like gang busters for this game. I really did. Running. Hitting receivers. Better pass production. Better 3rd down defense.

    I’m a fool Pharm.
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  12. FWIW, I switched sides of my couch, and I feel better about the second half...sorta.
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  13. Patterson, we need your famous (and as of recent missing) half time adjustments!

    Also, Fire Anderson.

    And, get the ball to the RBs! RTDB!!!!
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  14. There’s only 4 four things holding this team back. Coaching,offense, defense and special teams. Besides that we’re good.
  15. So Arkansas State would compete in the Big 12?
  16. Kendre Miller looked good last week and no carries so far this week. I just don't understand our play calling.
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  17. Succinct.
  18. Where’s last week’s exuberance? Where’s the “run the table” confidence I’ve been reading about.
  19. I have NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER understood our policy on running back and wide receiver rotation.

    It’s almost as if they purposely choose not play the hot hand at times.
  20. "Funny how fallin' seems like flyin' for a little while..."
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