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Gameday Thread: Iowa State at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Isn’t it crazy...I never thought I would ever truly have zero confidence in the defense but the last 2 years have really made me challenge that assumption.
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  2. Darn it defense too easy!
  3. 1st and 10

    Quick pass complete and immediately tackled for a gain of 3
  4. No idea why people are so worried about OU in this game thread
  5. 2nd and 7

    Need a sack

    Handoff and Wallow is in the backfield to take him down! 3rd and 8 coming up
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  6. really hard to defend the choice based upon play
  7. We need to keep them out of the endzone. If they get in, it's back to a two score game, not good.
  8. Make the FG and same thing
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  9. 3rd and 8


    Nearly sacked... flushed out by three frogs... looking and finds the TE but he’s covered and is out of bounds 2 yards short of the first down
  10. Can Wallow be cloned?
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  11. 4th and 2


    Fair catch made at the TCU 21
  12. Brooks with the pressure on 3rd.
  13. Completely forgot about that.
  14. Glad he didn’t head up field
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  15. or give up a 75 yard run, or give up a 3-play 75 yard drive, or.......way too crap play on both sides of game
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  16. 1st and 10 TCU

    Pass over the middle high and incomplete... Flag in the backfield right at the ISU lineman that hit Max... roughing
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  17. Takes the ball to the 36
  18. Lucky . That pass was crap.
  19. 1st and 10

    Pass hits Barber in the hands, he drops it off his foot into the hands of an ISU defender.

    I need a drink
  20. Barber sucks

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