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Gameday Thread, Big 12 Championship Edition: #3 TCU vs Kansas State... again; Sponsored by Hell's Half Acre Stadium Goods


No credibility tho. I guess that’s the way it goes.

consider that if they don't discuss any type of false drama than only gamblers and hard core fans are watching the acc and big 10 title games and if they were to openly admit that the top three are in and ohio state slides into usc position then who watches tomorrow

the cfp process revials a novella for made up drama


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These [ Arschloch]s on CBS we’re making their case for Alabama after the Georgia game was over. Even showed part of Duggan’s interview and then commented how Alabama is the better team but they understand TCU has sorta earned it. Really pathetic pimping by that network’s talking heads.
scheiss those [ Arschloch]s! We’ve got two more wins than Alabama and one less loss!


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Jesus you lost in OT to a top ten team. Duggan should win heisman for that TD drive alone. Im a KSU fan but dang yall throwing the baby out with the bath water I think. TCU has every right in the CFP and I suspect most others watching do as well

You have to understand that we've been in this position before and got left out.


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I felt like we were way too aggressive early with the deep shots and attempting to go for kill shots. That ended up stalling our momentum with the missed FG.
I thought the same at the game but clearly K State’s DBs were not up to the task as they decided to just tackle each TCU receiver every time they were beat which was often… but I believe not rushing line we have been turned out to be a disadvantage for the Frogs late. We didn’t see our O-line dominance late like we have and I believe it was more cumulative play calling than anything.

TCU should be 3rd in the rankings. I’m ready to go to either site. Go Frogs!


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His worst game of the season, IMHO. He was off-target from the get-go. I hate to sound negative because I love the kid, but he just didn't have his accuracy today. And the rest of the guys just didn't have enough mustard to cover for him, the way he has them time after time this year.
Max has become so deadly on short strikes in the middle of the field, it’s hard to remember that timing is not his strength. For example, the pass downfield where Max threw to the middle and let the receiver run to it. Great vision and decision making, just offset it so far that we lost the line to the end zone.

Would not trade Max, the coaches, this team, this season for anything. Go Frogs! Not done yet.