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Game Thread: Frogs vs Jayhawks

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. This, gets tired guarding the entire court...then tries to over compensate on the Off end.
  2. No you got ripped for calling a student athlete a POS.
  3. He dribbles wide, outside of his body. Makes him look out of control a lot. And he is, really.

    Compare that to how close to his body Davis dribbles. While Davis has his share of turnovers, rarely is he just out of control.
  4. Bane is Soooo much better than “hotdog” Robinson. Does he know the object of the game is to put the ball in your team’s basket and not to see how many times your team can dribble the ball between their legs or behing the back?
  5. Lawson hooks A LOT. Finally called it
  6. Some of these ARob comments are over the top, just my opinion. He certainly has not played well recently, but these are way too personal .

    And yes, I’ve been saying before season began, Bane needs to shoot shoot shoot
  7. Terrible goal tending call.
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  8. Feel bad for Samuel. He works so hard on defense at one end and rolls hard to the basket on the other but never gets the ball.
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  9. Noi now 1-8 on threes
  10. Bane needs to take over for us to have a shot.
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  11. Yep, what does Fran know?
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  12. I think our problem is Arob thinks he is a top flight player and he puts to much on himself. When he lets the game come to him he is much better.
  13. Noi.....and zero defense.
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  14. Lightfoot always kills us.
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  15. More than a couple were open too
  16. Agree.....this is nothing new. Everyone sees it but #25.
  17. Funny how davis has no issue drawing fouls and Miller can’t
  18. He’s had just as bad of a game as ARob. Plays about as little defense as possible
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  19. GOT a chance!!

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