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Game Thread: Frogs vs Jayhawks

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Miller, Arob, and Noi 6-22 from the field
  2. The question is why doesn’t JD go to the rim with some degree of aggression? If he goes up strong he gets fouled or scores without being contested
  3. 5 time Abob's man hits wide open three.
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  4. The difference in this game is defense as KU’s big men play some and ours don’t. Noi shows absolutely no desire to move on the defensive end of the court. Plants himself in the corner on the offensive end and lauches 3pt attempts.
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  5. We are officially in trouble if we don’t figure something out in a hurry
  6. Falling apart now
  7. OMG they called a foul on Kansas
  8. Been saying it all year. Guards every man but his own. Hero.
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  9. I’d rather us take far fewer three’s
  10. Falling apart right now. We need to get the ball movement back into our O.
  11. Since when do they allow players to slap the backboard without a goaltending call? The whole backboard was moving on the missed Bane layup attempt
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  12. ARod plays off the 3pt shooter looking for a long rebound to come his way. Occasionally he gets one but more often his man has a career night knocking down 3s.
  13. Season on the brink- are we gonna nut up or crawl into our hole?? Cmon Frogs
  14. So frustrating that our seniors are straight garbage in this game. JD has never been a great player but Arob has been very solid over the years. The sad thing is this has been a trend over the second half of the season.
  15. Season? Overreaction IMO
  16. This game does not mean much now that we won at ISU imo
  17. Okay if it happens once or twice, but he throws his arms down in disgust as if there someone to blame but himself.
  18. No it’s not..... it’s huge for our season....
  19. 3 fouls on KS
  20. If Miller shoots another 3.
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