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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I was reading an article where Scott Frantz, a graduating Sr OT at KSt with 51 starts under his belt, was talking about how the Wildcat made the turnaround this year and he stated the following.

    “I loved their game plan, man,” Frantz said. “I felt so confident going into every single game of the year. They’re very precise with their game plans. I felt like every week, Coach Klieman and Coach Messingham would say, ‘When their defense is lined up in this formation they’re going to do this,’ and on Saturdays we lined up and that’s exactly what they did.

    “Oklahoma was a prime example of that. We went in knowing exactly what their defense was going to be doing and we executed and won. I loved how precise and in-depth they were with their game plans. That was the difference this year, our confidence going into games.”

    I wonder if our players on the offensive side of the ball would have said the same about how well our coaches prepared them every week?
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  2. KState wasn't a good offense. Not as awful as last year with Delton, but not good
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  3. different approaches from an offense that calls plays and basically makes you stop them and an offense that makes site reads adjusting to defensive alignment etc....

    i favor the first, but i am old school so that is another knock going against me
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  4. They out punched their weight given they had a below average QB, and talent far worse than ours. They executed miles better than we did and got into a bowl game with a pretty mediocre collection of athletes.
  5. You must have really enjoyed our offense this year..Cause we essentially told every team exactly what we were going to run and ran it. None of that cheating motion trickery out of us.
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  6. KSU will be an increasingly dangerous team that has a power running game ability that we had back when we won the Rose Bowl.
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  7. nothing wrong with telling people what you are going to do and force them to try to stop you.

    most demoralizing thing there is do everything you can and still can't stop your opponent. we had a team in our district that ran the wishbone. they didn't generate big plays out of it, but would eat up 3,4,5 yards a pop and you just couldn't stop them.

    if you are smart enough and good enough you do things like add a very basic counter move to your base offense and really screw with some of these defenses.

    to an extent riley does some of this in reverse by using formations to get certain defenses to respond and they exploit the adjustment
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  8. I don't disagree with you. The "stop me" philosophy is a good one and no doubt can squeeze the soul out of someone. I just don't see teams being able to that anymore on any consistent level. Defenses have become really good at disguising what they want to do also. The game of CAT/Mouse that goes on between coordinators has rendered it almost impossible to consistently win just showing your cards. Proof of that are the LSU's, Bama's, and other Bluebloods who have opened up their offenses and utilized a lot of sophisticated reads/sets to get advantages. If anyone has the talent to just line up and out talent you it's those schools, and yet they no longer go that route. IMO we have to continue recruit well, get better at executing, AND innovate in order to get advantages.
  9. Eight, I agree, but you cannot do it no huddle imo. Huddle, go up to line and get into formation quickly and snap the ball within 5 seconds or less. You give the defense less time to adjust to the offensive alignment. With every team making adjustments at the line and countering, old school with huddling might be effective.
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  10. i think part of that is you have to truly commit to that type of mentality not only in practice, but more importantly in games when it might take a bit of time to get some traction.

    i do think changing formations and shifting personnel to move defensive fronts around to find better blocking angles is a lost art.

    really like watching the 49er's offense as they don't do a variety of things in the run game, but use the formations and shifts to get movement in the front s
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    friend who is a high school coach tells a funny story about an exercise the head coach does each year to test his new young coaches on staff.

    they go to the white board and are given a down, situation, and distance and they have to draw up a formation. the hc will then draw up a defensive formation and the young coach then has to go through the play etc..

    young guy gets up there and is given 4th and 2, he draws up shotgun with an offset back, trips to the wide side and one receiver to the short, don't recall what the defense was, but the young guy goes through 7-8 different scenarios leaving the hc to shake his head
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  12. Sounds like Sonny should stick to recruiting when he visits your friend's school.
  13. we all know sonny would have gone with either the fade or the wild frog
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  14. "...felt confident going into every game." Wow. I wonder what that's like...
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