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Game 3 Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Feb 16, 2020.

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    Not sure why sideways
  2. Any chance of watching the game? (other than being there!)
  3. Looks like no tv or radio coverage. How lame.
  4. Surprised that sitting in reserve seats is the same price as sitting on the hill.
  5. Stat Tracker may function until about 1 out in the T3
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  6. Frogs in the vintage TC logo cream throwbacks. Hot dogs a buck (still no onions). Could not order a better day for baseball in February
  7. If Dale Luker is behind the plate today we’re gonna have to overcome some history.
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  9. I was surprised to see that it's not still UK 1. TCU 0
  10. Luker is an ass.
  11. Yep but Smith gave him no option other than to ring up the lead off. Throwing 93-95 currently
  12. K, F4, F7 on a 15 pitch T1
  13. K, 143, K for Frogs. Weak ABs flailing at mid-velo lefty crap.
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  14. K, 4-3, F8 on not many pitches for the Big Lefty in T2
  15. HFTV rocking the on-screen graphics today.
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  16. As usual....
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    F4, 6-3, BB for Shep,

    Pitcher already dropping a couple of mph off his fastball

    Hump walks, Rodgers with an 0-2 pitch RBI single....nice oppo approach.

    FC mistake by 3B and Sikes reaches and loads the bases.

    Brown never swings and draws a 3-2 RBI BB. 2-0

    Sacco clears the bases with a 2B and 5 free wings for all!

    inexplicably Henry swings at the first pitch and pops it up but Frogs with a mammoth B2.5-0
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  18. Well, HFTV has gone *bonk* again...
  19. We'll take it!

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