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Game 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PO Frog, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Double scores Hump!

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    Brown HBP after 2 straight balls from new reliever to load bases

    and Sacco swings at first pitch...smh

    and then strikes out

    Henry up with 1 out and bases full

    Henry rips a single barely past 3 B glove and scores 2

    4-1 TCu 1 out and Wood up with runners on 1 &2

    wood strikes out

    but Wolfe clears the bases with a triple (kind of) down the 3B line

    6-1 TCU 2 outs runner on 3rd
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  3. Hunter like the Wolfe!
  4. New pitcher for the Bourbon boys

    1 pitch and Shep hits one off his hands to end it

    6-1 TCU after 7
  5. #baseballschool
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  6. Krob struggles a little and gets hit hard but because of some great defense by Brown and Shep - he gets out of the 8th unscathed

    6-1 middle of 8
  7. Flipped over to the gametracker from the basketball game a little earlier. Frogs were up by 10. Mrs. Pharm said they must be playing better today. I said that the game would be tied at halftime. I was wrong.
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  8. Double, single single and we are up 7-1 with an out mixed in

    pop up and ground out ends the inning

    going to 9 up 7-1
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  9. Liking these hits.
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  10. Meador comes in to “close” it in the 9th
  11. It doesn't appear that we'll have much power so we're gonna need to feast on walks and doubles and taking a base here and there. Of course we'll have to get excellent pitching.
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  12. Needs to settle down.
  13. Yes

    Overthrowing and not fooling anyone but looks likes he could have good stuff if he gets it down

    hitting 94 consistently on our gun
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  14. And meador strikes out the last guy for the win

    and runs off the field before Humph can congratulate him #newguy
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  15. WE WIN !! 7-1
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  16. #rifleschool
  17. They’ve got more hits than Men Without Hats.

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