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Game 1: #18 CS Fullerton vs. #16 TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Feb 15, 2019.

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    Game 1 | Friday, February 15 | 2 pm CST
    Salt Rivers Stadium | Scottsdale, AZ
    #18 Cal State Fullerton (0-0) vs. #16 TCU (0-0)

    [No TV/Video Stream]
    Live Audio Stream
    Live Stats
    TCU Game Notes

    Jr LHP Nick Lodolo
    2018: 7-4, 4.32 ERA, 77.0 IP
    80 H, 44 R, 37 ER, 28 BB, 93 K

    TCU Lineup
    DH Porter Brown (L); LF Josh Watson (S); 2B Austin Henry (R); 1B Jake Guenther (L); C Zach Humphreys (R); CF Johnny Rizer (L); RF Andrew Keefer (R); 3B Bobby Goodloe (L); SS Hunter Wolfe (R)

    Soph RHP Tanner Bibee
    2018: 3-5, 3.85 ERA, 56.0 IP
    63 H, 28 R, 24 ER, 18 BB, 56 K

  2. That's crazy no live stream. What kind of fly by night operation is this?
  3. Dirtbag you slippn'!!!!!!!!!! Where are the lineups?
  4. Damn it's good to see Dirtbag's game threads again. Didn't realize how much I missed college baseball until now.

    Lineup is out. Porter Brown DH and leadoff. Let's get it done today gentlemen
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  5. Absurd. They're televising UVA-Vandy tonight on MLBN. You'd think they'd at least stream the other games.
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  6. None of our games are televised correct?
  7. Go Frogs!

    Happy Opening Day!
  8. Is Oviedo hurt?
  9. Soreness so he’s sitting the weekend out. Should be fine
  10. TCU is the designated visitor. So batting first.
  11. I hope you know more than what a Schloss/Coach Mo told us at the luncheon Wednesday. They said they are not counting on Oviedo to play for about a month at least.
  12. Frogs start 3 up 3 down with a leadoff K and 2 ground outs. Lodolo coming up.
  13. Either audio sucks or my iPhone sucks or...
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  14. hahahahaha. Trrying to listen to the game on GoFrogs and the sound is perfect when chuck is quiet, but every time he starts talking the audio cuts out.

    It's getting a liiiiiiiittle better.
  15. can anyone hear an uninterrupted audio on this link? mine is total gibberish
  16. At least we don’t have to pay for total [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] coverage anymore tho, amirite?
  17. I'm listening through KTCU on the TCU app on the iphone. I gave up on the GoFrogs website.

    My stream sounds good. Try KTCU.
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  18. NL throws an 8-pitch leadoff walk.
  19. Well. That was interesting.
    NL walks the leadoff gets a double play grounder. Gives up a single. Caught stealing ends the inning.

    On to the second.
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