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Gabe Ikard OU Radio on TCU game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Fun listen......

    Says Max Duggan is a better, younger Brewer. Believes he is going to be a problem for the league for a long time.

    Thinks Sewo could hurt OU because of how physical a runner he is. OU has been soft defensively

    Reagor made a mistake choosing TCU as he is a rare talent that could have been a top 5 pick under Riley

    Cumbie is a trash coordinator and should be fired immediately

    Cumbie should go to jail for how is under utilized Reagor.

    Barber is a really nice player

    Rarely here anything nice about TCU out of Ok Sports Radio..
  2. I rarely hear anything at all out of Ok sports radio.
  3. Oklahoma sports radio is where sports journalism careers go to die.
  4. So other sports people see how bad Cumbie is also...
  5. I agree with him
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  6. Well he was an OU player so OK is about the only place you can talk about OU on the regular and anyone gives a damn. He is also the host of the Big 12 Channel on XM radio. I just find outside opinions of our program interesting.
  7. Hot sports opinion: Anderson is a more physical runner than Sewo.
  8. Not really a hot sports take. The opposite would be a hot take
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  9. Majority would agree with your take
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  10. i do agree with some of the things he says, but while sonny might be an oc with issues he is our oc with issues and no one outside the frog family can talk [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about him so scheiss him.
  11. Jail seems harsh. Maybe we should just send him to Oklahoma?
  12. I believe that qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment.
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  13. Not exactly surprised that people outside of Frogville recognize what a bad offense we've been sporting over SC's tenure.
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  14. 1. Sewo can sometimes push the pile for an extra 2-3 yards more consistently than DA...who is certainly a physical runner, but Sewo I think is more effective in that regard, generally.

    2. It is a crime that Reagor is so little used. My question is, who is the guilty party? There simply has to be a reason that Cumbie doesn't use him, and that CGP has not over-ruled Cumbie's lack of use of Reagor. Something is rotten in Denmark. OTOH, I'm sure opposing coaches are focused on taking Reagor away and taking their chances on TCU's run game and a freshman QB...but even with that I'm pretty gob-smacked at his lack of targets - run & pass.

    Maybe we don't handle 4- and 5-star recruits very well, psychologically. I don't know other schools' records with top recruits are, though. Maybe it stings us more because we don't get a lot of them.

    The guy is probably very correct that Reagor should have gone elsewhere.
  15. I think one of the real indictments on SC is not necessarily how little he's used Reagor, but how easily he's allowed other teams to take him out of the game plan. With all the weapons BAMA has or even OU, I can't imagine a team being able to complete take Judy or Lamb out the game plan without those OCs adjusting and figuring out how to creatively get the ball in their hands.
  16. Reagor does have to get separation some as well. Hasn’t been running the best routes this year.
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  17. I think the problem with Reagor has more to do with his effort and route running than Cumbie.
  18. Definitely an issue...I don't know if its bigger than Cumbie but both are playing a role his failures
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  19. Yep.
  20. Brought back a memory- I knew a guy who was stationed at Fort Sill in Lawton in the early 70's who asked for deployment to fight in Viet Nam just so he could get out of Oklahoma..

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