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FWST: Will college football be played this fall? TCU AD remains confident despite virus spike

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Will college football be played this fall? TCU AD remains confident despite virus spike

    By Drew Davison

    TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati remains confident that college football will be played this fall. More questions about the viability of playing a season continue to be raised, though, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Kansas State shut down voluntary workouts for 14 days on Saturday after 14 players tested positive for COVID-19. The University of Texas has had 13 positive tests so far. Baylor announced Monday that it had eight positive tests (four symptomatic, four asymptomatic) out of 109 tests. Powerhouse programs such as LSU and Clemson are dealing with increased numbers too.

    “I am still confident we will play this fall. We all anticipate positive tests and the possibility of having to isolate individuals,” Donati said. “Our protocols are solid and well thought out. Managing that will be our reality this year.”

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article243717257.html#storylink=cpy
  2. One again, until we can get to the point that infections (as compared to hospitalizations and deaths) aren't really a big deal we will continue to suffer from self inflicted wounds.
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  3. You can tell now when news comes out about Player X testing positive, hardly anyone seems to show any concern whatsoever for the well-being of Player X, it's just assumed they are going to be fine (because let's be honest, they will be). If anything, they throw that player under the bus for not being "responsible". Does anyone think any of those 23 Clemson or 23 Texas football players aren't going to be ready to play football this year if there is a season?

    It's all kind of ridiculous when you think about it. The guys can either play their sport or they can not play their sport and hang around family, friends, and do whatever they do when they aren't on the field. The virus is going to cycle through the population and they are going to fine either way. As for the other people, whether these athletes are practicing their sport or playing in games isn't going to affect them at all.
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  4. First, I want to see football and basketball this fall.

    If your a good sized company you have depts. Coordinated communication is essential. Example- sales-HR-administrators and so on.

    Football has the same thing except the depts. are RB's-QB-secondary- OL including tight ends. Each position has for maybe five. Not many kids in any position. So what happens when, let's say a tight end gets Co-19 and his team mate a tight end, gets Co-19? Suddenly you don't have any tight ends left.

    And what about the coach's. Most of those guys have been around a while and have become seasoned citizens. We know the older you are the percentages are not in your favor.

    Weeks ago I suggested we will have football we just don't when or how it will be undertaken. I believe a vaccination is coming but won't be ready for world wide distribution until Oct or maybe even November. That, I believe is the reason the NFL and FBS are delaying decisions, hoping that vaccination will be here in time for a delayed season.

    So, is it possible we start the season the last of Oct and last into Feb or March? I can't think of a reason why not! Honestly it's not a good time to have an election b/c this clearly has become on large political football, etc. As my grandfather used to say...it's a mess! That pretty much sums it up even in the year 2020 doesn't it?.

    Someone wrote a thread yesterday saying they believe the second and third wave won't come but will a constant spike here and there until some medication is available to protect our citizens. When? Only a few know for sure.
  5. This is why trying to have a season is futile unless we get past the idea that all players will be tested every week and before games and anyone with a positive has to sit for a couple weeks. What happens if you get positive tests from 4 of your starting O-lineman and your starting QB the day before a game? And that's another example to go along with yours. It just won't work.
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  6. i am confused why not having any tight ends cleared for play would impact the frogs now the meach is back on the staff
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  7. I doubt there’s ever going to be a vaccine.
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  8. Don't think they ever got a vaccine for Sars.
    And those who claim this virus will not mutate enough and won't burn itself should then see the flaw in their argument that this virus orginated in a wet market. It either acts as a coronavirus or was modified.
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  9. We will accept the risks sooner or later and play just like we do with the flu, which actually does kill people under 40. I’m highly skeptical that there will ever be a vaccine.
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  10. With the infection numbers and more importantly (at least in my opinion) the hospitalization numbers going up, the possibility that college football games will be played looks like it is receding into the distant future.
  11. Protests have now been going on for weeks, and so far it doesn’t appear that we’ve brought forth the apocalypse. Just saying.
  12. Hospitalizations going up is bad, but if deaths continue to lag and fall behind those numbers is a good thing and possibly backs up European studies that show it is mutating into a less severe strain. Or that we’re getting better with COVID treatments.
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  13. I’m not an expert on the subject but I think part of the rise in hospitalizations can be attributed to the resumption of previously scheduled operations.. ie, patient comes in for a knee replacement, gets tested for covid while they’re there, tests positive, then gets counted as a hospitalized covid patient.
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  14. I just won't understand this. Sure - maybe we need to take a step back and not let fans into the stadium. But not play at all??

    How did the European soccer leagues figure this out like a month ago?
  15. It's the part of the rise in COVID admissions that's troubling. In the Austin metro, the 7-day average of admissions for COVID patients recently passed 20 per day. At least per local news reports citing hospital administrators, 20 or more per day new COVID admissions will start filling critical care and ICU beds.

    My recent, personal experience with a so-called elective surgery included a pre-admission COVID test a few days before the scheduled out-patient procedure, even though I was completely asymptomatic. If that test had been positive, there is no way I would have seen the inside of that hospital without COVID symptoms. That's what I was told, anyway.
  16. With few exceptions, the countries that got hit really hard initially (like Spain and Italy) seem to basically be over it. And it just kind of runs it's course, going through all these measures to stop it just seems to delay the inevitable.
  17. I think they will get a vaccine. Plasma from those with antibodies proves to be very helpful to those severely sick. A vaccine with antibodies will be available in the next year or two.

  18. This is exactly what has been told to me from 2 different people that have family members that are nurses in hospitals. One in Dallas, and one here in FW.
  19. You think institutional college football wants the players exposed to the disease (the decent, humanitarian reason for not playing American football), or its institutions to face liability exposure for doing so (the practical and somewhat cynical business reason)? Doesn't matter what fans "want" to believe.

    In any event, I am sick of TV re-runs. I'd love to see live** college football. And I hope no one picks up the virus blocking and tackling, etc.

    ** on TV; my age is a risk factor that will cause my wife to absolutely forbid personal attendance at college sporting events this fall. I'd love to be around to sit in the stands on the other side of this sad situation.
  20. ER's in Austin saying we will exceed capacity soon, no way to stop it at this point. Seems like Dallas will follow behind shortly.

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