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FWST: Will Big 12 players kneel during the anthem? Bob Bowlsby calls it ‘ongoing topic’

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. LOL! Freedom means having the right to sit through this or stay home. That’s pretty much all he said. You are triggered by his opinion, who’s the snowflake?
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  2. How dare you exercise your freedom to protest their freedom to protest in a way I freely express that I don't like!

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  3. I’m not triggered at all. Just pointing out a meltdown when I see one. Not sure whose post you read.
  4. Ha. So silly. I like it.
  5. I will be right behind you, I am sick and tired of athletes telling me what does and does not offend me. Almost 100 years of service from my dad, me
    my daughter, and her husband. We dont even remotely agree with kneeling during the anthem.
    Players in the NFL and beyond would make a much larger statement collectively pooling their resources at a different time. I had already seen enough from the NFL, if I have to add college football, so be it.
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  6. Their right to protest does not mean anytime/anyplace/anyway they want. Besides, exactly what is it they are looking for? The military members that wear a uniform to ensure their rights get fired immediately protesting in their uniforms. Why is it different for athletes?
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  7. Your opinion is much different than all the folks I know that are active duty military or veterans I know. Most believe they fight to protect those exact freedoms. Most of them are varying levels of conservative, but kneeling during the anthem to protest police brutality is something none of them seem oppose.
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  8. It’s articles like this that really make steel miss @2314 Can you imagine his take on this!?
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  9. I've stopped watching pro sports because of the politics. I love TCU more than just about anything, but if this happens on our fields, that will be the end of my 20+ years of support.
  10. Perhaps being more woke will provide a recruiting advantage. As long as the country's going to hell, the frogs might as well win some football games on the way out.
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  11. Just quit playing the anthem at sporting events. Problem solved.
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  12. I guess you dont know the ones I know. Of the 10k or so pilots in/from the military where I worked, 9/10 are really opposed. How many do you know? What ages are they? I guarantee the guys like my Korea and 2 time Vietnam father, and older, were/are grossly offended. It seems to be very acceptable to say just what you said and move on. What is it they are protesting? It seems like the issue has changed to fit revolving agenda’s. Like I said their right to protest isn’t the question, its how, kind of like those anarchists torching cities all over the country under the banner of peaceful protests.

    My daughter and son-in-law, both B52H pilots, are grossly offended.

    Police brutality.....my question, do those “kneelers” support or approve of those with or in BLM, that allow signs that say “kill cops”, “kill white cops” at their protests? I dont see ANYONE with BLM condemning them. I’m sure several on here know several TCU grads in law enforcement, one in particular is my son’s former teammate and has a Super Bowl ring. Is this kind of BS what TCU fans accept?

    Lastly, google Nick Tullier, see who shot him and when. Who was he “in town” to support? If you decide you want to donate to his recovery fund I’ll get the current link from his mom or dad, James and Mary Tullier. Thanks.
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  13. We've played the anthem before teams run on the field forever. Why change now?
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  14. This is so remarkably sad... What a small, small person you are.
  15. I’ve written the current AD and said as much. He has not replied, if he does not that says far more about where this is going than anything else.
  16. So tell me, what is your military experience?
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. He gave an opinion that had nothing to do with you. Your response is to try to shame him personally in some way? If he’s small, you’re microscopic.
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  19. I never understood the level of outrage on either side of this. I personally would never kneel during the anthem nor do anything at all other than honor the flag. I would also never advise anyone else to kneel. So I fully understand why people disagree with it. Yet it also doesn't bother me even a little that it is done. That doesn't mean it might not bother anyone else though and I would never tell someone "don't be offended." It's not my job to decide what others should feel strongly about and what they shouldn't.

    I will say though that all of the people with such a strong backlash to the kneeling are only fueling the fire. If everyone had just kind of shrugged their collective shoulders about Kaep kneeling then this whole thing may be dead today. It's the combative nature of the disagreements between the sides that has continually escalated this thing. Now it seems to be as much about these athletes just wanting to show everyone that they can and will unite together in their kneeling no matter how much it pisses people off as much as it is about police brutality.
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  20. Exactly this. Go even further. Remember, the only reason "kneeling" became a thing was he initially just didn't do anything during the national anthem, and when someone spotted him sitting on the sideline going over the playbook during the anthem they asked him about it and off we went. It just took off from there, with taking a knee being something he came up with to be more respectful than just blowing the whole thing off. If anyone had just sort of said "oh, ok, that's why" and rolled their eyes, this never would have been an issue.

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