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FWST: Why playing this year’s AT&T Byron Nelson means so much to Fort Worth’s J.J. Henry

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 12, 2021.

  1. Still cannot believe those two beat us to the Pearly gates. Both genuinely good human beings.
  2. Well said on Ridglea. Hard to beat for what you get. When the greens at the North are rolling fast, which they often are, they're some of the toughest in town... lots of fun. The South/men's course is just nice and easy... practice area is great as well. Never had a four hour round out there, and they make a stiff drink.
  3. Pipe dream oh mine is that the PGA goes back to a match play format.

    They won't, but it is still the most exciting form of golf to watch.

    Palmer never won the PGA despite the change in format.

    Don't you know players in the 50s even after his bus crash hated to draw Hogan.

    "What are you doing tomorrow? "

    I'm playing Hogan then the wife and I are going to take a few days off and drive to Florida for a break.
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  4. That would be a disaster.

    Imagine getting amped up to watch Billy Horschel and Keith Mitchell duke it out in the finals on Sunday, because that’s about what you’d get.
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  5. Not for someone who loves the game itself.

    But the World golf championship, Ryder Cup, Walker cup, Scholhiem Cup, presidents cup, etc. draw great audiences.

    Again it is a wish and you are right, TV rules the sport. Stil . . . .?
  6. From a purely idyllic point of view, I don't disagree. But then reality sets in. You don’t think the people at the PGA of America — the association of club professionals who live and breathe golf 365 days a year — don’t love the game itself? And you don’t think they were ever smart enough to think of the idea of bringing back the match play format?

    The Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup are successful because on the final day you have 12 matches going on. This is not only good for TV, but good for those attending because it allows 50,000 fans to spread out all over the course for 8+ hours of golf.

    In contrast, the WGC Match Play is one of the least successful events each year for fans and TV ratings because you only have a handful of matches on the weekend when fans are more likely to watch in person and on TV.

    Even with Tiger and Rory in a final on Sunday at the PGA Championship, you could only really have about 7,000 fans seeing any golf...any number after that would just be there looking at the scoreboards, following on their phones, or, if they were lucky enough, watching on TV in a hospitality tent.

    Match play finals can set up to be very anti-climactic and uneventful. Imagine if Faldo and Norman, the two best players in the world, had been playing match play in the '96 Masters. That match would have been over after 12 holes -- Faldo would have won 7 and 6.
  7. Because of inclement weather, for the foreseeable future, the final round of the Byron Nelson will be played on the Monday preceeding next years Byron Nelson at whatever golf course the tourneyment is scheduled at next year....
  8. You should trying playing the back 9 at Hawk's Crap.

  9. Rory is in luck...with all the rain we've had and rain to come, conditions are ripe for another tree or two to fall.
  10. It's Nelson week so of course it's raining.
  11. I have. Its noisy with the fighters taking off. They move very fast. I know what your saying but nothing compares to the B-52's. They were slow comparatively and the noise would drop you to your knees!
  12. bingo, that low rumble that slowly builds before the ground starts shaking has to be experienced
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  13. Maybe I missed it in the thread somewhere, but the topic of the thread title appears to have shot -1 and missed the cut in case anyone was keeping track.
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