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FWST: What's that they're building now at TCU?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. What's that they're building now at TCU?


    FORT WORTH – It looks like TCU is ready to add another on-campus amenity.

    Following Friday's Board of Trustees meeting, the private university announced it is taking its first step toward building an on-campus hotel.

    "After reviewing responses to TCU’s request for proposal and in consultation with CBRE Hotels Consulting, the board approved entering into a ground lease for the purpose of developing a hotel to serve those visiting TCU," the university said in its trustees meeting report. "The scope calls for a branded hotel concept that must meet TCU requirements for exterior design and operations standards."
  2. Let me guess, it will be exorbitantly expensive and catered almost exclusively to the super wealthy
  3. Why would you think any different? Do you want TCU to be UTA or Sam Houston State? Which of the nations best schools aim to cater to the average, the mid income, the less than best?

    Not equating TCU to Princeton or Harvard, but my guess is they didn’t court the poor to help improve their standing.
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  4. Name a decent hotel that isn't?
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  5. Well to remember, that the amenities that this University and it's supporters currently enjoy are the by-product of money generously donated by others.
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  6. Slight correction, it will also cater to recruits.

    The AT&T Hotel and Conference Center at UT Austin is an outstanding university hotel. It is UT-branded inside while remaining incredibly classy/upscale (it’s not like burnout orange threw up everywhere). Hopefully a model TCU is looking at.

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  7. Next up, the hydrogen powered MonoRail from Forest Park/Berry to Bellaire South & West corner to Cantey/University & back to Paschal.

    For those more adventurous types.....the prototype personal ZipLine from Annie Richardson Bass roof to the Brachman Memorial Parking Garage top level. With complementary hair scrunchie for the Ladies.
  8. This is OSU’s

  9. I hope it is a Starwood branded hotel like a Westin or a W Hotel like they have in downtown Austin. Both those options in downtown Austin are awesome!
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  10. I love it. Donati and company not kissing a beat. Sure, I’ll bever afford it,but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it being on campus.
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  11. Could’ve made a sweet motel if they’d never torn down those berry street apartments!
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  12. Keeping up with the Jones’s. What’s not to like?
  13. I spent a week at that hotel a couple years ago. It's a nice place. Outstanding? Classy? Upscale? I wouldn't use any of those terms for the hotel overall.

    The lobby and the conference facilities are outstanding. The rooms and dining facilities aren't anything special. On par with what you'd find at any 3½- to 4-star hotel.

    That was my experience anyway.
  14. Hear it's going to be a Hyattplace. That's good, isn't it, if so?
  15. Yeah, like fans screaming about scoreboard size...
  16. Who the hell is Bill Hanna?
  17. Well since I don’t see TCU putting up a Motel 6 on campus, you’re probably right.
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  18. UCLA has a hotel/Conference Center right in the middle of campus.
  19. Looking forward the Star-Telegram's story on the racial breakdown of guests staying there.
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  20. Yah they should probably leave it the way it is. No one cares about replays or the ability to see them.

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