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FWST: What happened with this player convinced TCU’s Patterson not to recruit Patrick Mahomes

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 4, 2021.

  1. I have to assume that when you have a dad who was an MLB pitcher, there's a certain subset of people who look at you and think that's your destiny too.
  2. Under ordinary circumstances I think that would be the conventional wisdom.
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  3. Dressed as a buck.
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  5. From the hind sight is 20/20 category, what about Baker Mayfield or Johnny Football? Both allegedly had some sort of contact with TCU, perhaps even might have even liked to come here, but ended up in purgatory somewhere else.
  6. Baker's version of the story is we did him dirty and screwed him in favor of Zach Allen, who ended up doing nothing for us and did nothing for Rutgers when he transferred there. I don't know how true that is, but I wonder if both of those guys would have been stuck in the same issue that Mahomes would have been here. Manziel was a RS Freshman in 2011, and in 2012 he's not gonna beat out Casey for the starting spot, but maybe he could have filled in better than Boykin did when Casey got the boot? Maybe he takes the ball and never gives it back, that's possible.

    Mayfield same deal, he was a true Freshman in '13, by then we had Pachall and Boykin both with a experience. Doubtful he could have edged them out as a true Freshman and by 14 Boykin was a Heisman finalist so it's hard to say we could have done better.

    So much of QB development is timing, it seems.
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  7. There are several NFL teams that you put Mahomes on out of college and then the article nor this thread exist. He was extremely lucky.
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  8. Pat Mahomes was going to eventually be really good no matter where he went.
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  9. Ain't HInd-sight a beautiful thang!!!
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  10. Hilarious that I knew the as$hat that wrote this simply by the title. Never click
  11. Engel relishes the opportunity to denigrate the Frogs whenever possible.

    Credibility and facts are generally irrelevant components in his journalistic

    tirades. The Startlegram's 'in-house hatchet man'.
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  12. Austin Aune never made it to the bigs did he?
  13. some media personalities in the metroplex consider playing football for north texas the bigs.

    as far as baseball. think he got to high a league
  14. That’s what I thought! He comes from a great family!
  15. But even if Mayfield sat behind Pachall/Boykin for the first few years, he still would have been a starter for us in 2016 and 2017. All due respect to Kenny Hill, but Mayfield would have been an upgrade.

    In 2016, do we only win 6 games if Mayfield is our starter? In 2017 if Mayfield is playing for TCU and NOT playing for Oklahoma, do we win the Big 12? I don’t know, but I think our chances would have been better.

    Also, I think the biggest QB miss might not have been Manziel or Mayfield, but instead taking Brennan Wooten as a QB over D’eriq King in the 2016 recruiting class. Yes I know we offered King the chance to compete as a QB, but we were recruiting him as an athlete. Like Zach Allen, Wooten was another one who never did anything. Big miss by our coaches, don’t know what they saw in him.

    The 2018, 2019, and 2020 seasons likely look so much different if we had offered King as a QB rather than Wooten.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. So would he trade places with Joe Burrow?
  18. I didn't say that certain teams/systems aren't more suitable than others. KC is a perfect fit, no doubt about it. Doesn't change my assertion that he was eventually gonna be really good wherever he went.
  19. Like I said, put him on the Bengals or several other teams, and this thread doesn’t exist.
  20. What point are you trying to make? In every sport and every league there are superstars who play for teams that don't win championships.

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