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FWST: We had our chance to restart sports, but Big Ten announcement means we all blew it

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. We had our chance to restart sports, but Big Ten announcement means we all blew it

    By Mac Engel

    It’s July 10, and our beloved, ingrained fall sports’ calendar built over the last several decades is primed to be torn down like another Christopher Columbus statue.

    The Ivy League’s decision to cancel all fall sports is one thing, but when the Big Ten announced on Thursday if it is going to play at all this fall, it will be only conference games.

    It’s time to break glass in case of emergency. Panic time.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article244117887.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Just to save y'all from having to read this, allow me to present a short summary:
    • We are all to blame for the B1G not wanting to play non-conference games because we suck at doing the basic things needed to halt the spread of the virus.
    • ND sucks
    • Mac loves Law & Order
    You're welcome
    • Mac loves hearing himself write
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    Some heroes don’t wear capes.

    **I learned from Facebook that this is the most appropriate response when someone does a summary of a terrible article.
  4. Clam Gene spreads it again......
  5. EAD muck
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  6. I wonder how much things will change after the election, I am willing to bet things change and the coverage changes. Not saying COVID is not real, it is but the death rate seems to be improving and it is RARE anyone without a pre-existing condition under the age of 65 has died from it.
  7. Whoops! Now you've done it.

    Your name will now be added to the Grandma Killers list.
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  8. If only we had handled it like the great leaders of NY

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  9. The death rate was improving. It's started to trend the other way recently. Everyone is hopeful that it's minor, but the jury is still out.
    This isn't very good logic. Where we were in April isn't really relevant to the decision to play in August. It matters where we are today and in the next month, and if the numbers start trending back up, that's not good news.
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    People are acting like we are where we were in April, which is the problem.
  11. [​IMG]

  12. [​IMG]
  13. Texas has its highest trailing 7 day death count, which has nothing to do with more people being tested. And even Abbott has said he expects it to get worse. What is dramatically different than April?
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    well, the graph pretty clearly shows that NY went from a few dozen per day to a few thousand per day in two weeks. But we are at like 110 in Texas and you all want to act like it’s the same. I know, I know, wait two weeks.

    Edit: per week, point still stands.
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  15. If I had loved ones in NY nursing homes, I’d feel the same way
  16. Just because they reported the high death totals yesterday doesn't mean that every single one of those people died yesterday

    Florida does a good job explaining to its people what is actually going on

  17. Mac needs to replace "We" with "I".

    I accept no responsibility for the idiotic decisions of College Administrators. If Mac wants to accept responsibility, then so be it.
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  18. By reporting deaths the day they occur rather than the day they are reported, while not dishonest per se, won't that always give the impression of declining deaths until you get some distance? In other words, that data would be useless for the last week or so, since we know that the deaths occurring today won't be reported for at least a few weeks?
  19. how dare you not accept your personal responsibility in a decision you have no control over while living state where none of the teams play. how do you live with yourself?
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