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FWST: Video of incoming TCU freshman using the N-word prompts online backlash

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by TopFrog, Jul 29, 2020.

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    Think about what YOU just posted.... YOU were able to understand what I was getting at but a person of color would not be able to. Yeah, that's not racist at all. UN scheissING BELIEVABLE.

  2. " a person of color could take a totally different view of your your post."

    Please stop trying to rewrite history, like The Donald(a15 year old), again !
  3. I'm gonna help you out here... that doesn't make it any better. So now you're a misogynist AND a racist. Stay hot.
  4. So no one is going to talk about the massive bong in the video?? That alone would get him denied at any selective schools.

    SMH there are kids with grades and test scores higher than some of us old alums can count who don’t get into TCU these days. And you want to protect a kid using hate speech holding a pipe the size of Stansly MaBonga?
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  5. You're right. My bet the kid and his film buddy both vote for Trump and love OANN.

    Great point!

    Note: Sarcasm - kinda.
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  6. Sister...
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  7. Remember, this is the same guy that thought nothing wrong to call a black person an Oreo.
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  8. I saw the NBC Nightly News clips of three former Presidents at Congressman's Lewis' funeral.

    Their eulogies were heart felt and powerful.

    Leadership does not come from words on a hat.
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  9. I think everyone on here probably agrees with you on this. Not sure what it has to do with this thread. I will leave this here for you though.....
  10. So, the kid was following the lyrics of the average rap "song"?
  11. I’d say calling Herman Cain a hero is a bit of a stretch.
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  12. You missed the point completely. Hell, you more or less proved the point (without knowing your political leanings).
  13. Actually no, I only pointed out that Cain has never done anything heroic that I know of. Feel free to enlighten me if I’m incorrect.
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  14. Which continues to prove my point. The dude is dead and the only thing you take away from the tweet is that he isn't a hero as opposed to finding anything positive about the fact that he was a CEO at a time when few black men were and he's one of the few black men to ever run for president. Some people may actually consider that pretty important believe it or not.
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  15. Yet decidedly not heroic. The point is the guy made a dumb comparison. I can respect that Cain was a great businessman and still point out that he is not a hero. You act like I’m spitting on the his grave or something.
  16. Talked to a coach I know at Midway (where he went) that taught him. Said he was into drugs, weird, and definitely not a likeable kid. Stupid at best for videoing and racist at worst, see ya kid.
  17. again, the same generation that was eating tide pods.

    I don't see that kid going far in life.
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  18. Midway as in Waco Midway?
  19. while his comments are dumb, does not look like he filmed it.
  20. Jives with what I've heard. I've got less than zero sympathy for the dude.

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