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FWST: Video of incoming TCU freshman using the N-word prompts online backlash

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by TopFrog, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Video of incoming TCU freshman using the N-word prompts online backlash

    By Kaley Johnson

    Video of an incoming Texas Christian University freshman saying the N-word surfaced on social media over the weekend, prompting many to call for TCU to revoke his admission into the school.

    The video was posted on Instagram and Twitter on Sunday. In it, a teenage boy identified as Michael Kunka sits on a couch and is watching the TV show “Supernatural.” A person off screen says to him, “You’re racist as (expletive).” Kunka gestures at the TV and laughingly says, “He’s a (N-word). He can’t be an angel. God didn’t make any (N-word) angels.”

    By Tuesday, the video had been viewed 57,000 times on Twitter.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/fort-worth/article244543442.html#storylink=cpy
  2. know it is common for a generation to say they were better than the one's that follow them and while i can't say that in all areas i damn well know we were smart enough not to film and record every damn thing we said or did

    mother and child people, put the damn phones down. we don't give a [ #2020 ] what you are doing and you are only hanging yourselves most of the time
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  3. Yeah.... that kid shouldn't be allowed admission into TCU.... not because he's racist, but because he's a scheissing moron.
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    I’m sure he is totally mortified, but seriously get a clue son!
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  5. Needs to be put on billboards everywhere...
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  6. I’m assume your daughter knows his big sister fairly well? She was a showgirl, maybe a year older.
  7. agreed. though i see an opportunity here.

    simply design an app for the phone that just prior to someone actually videoing something they are doing and think others might be interested this pops up on the screen:

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  8. Go ahead and let him in, but assign him a dorm room with the scariest black football player we have.

    Although I wouldn't want to wish that on the football player.....
  9. Oh boy, I totally glossed over the last name.
  10. This isn't a recruit. Just a normal student.
  11. reading comprehension fail
  12. Does that change your opinion of things?

    From the little I know, he seemingly comes from a good family, and as despicable as his comments were, they're from over 2 years ago when he was a sophomore in high school and I guess the video somehow resurfaced.

    Curious to see if there's anyway TCU allows him to continue to enroll as a student at this point.
  13. In the digital age young people don't have the luxury of saying and doing stupid things they would never do as an adult. Its all recorded and put on the internet and it ain't comin back.
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  14. do have a hypothetical question about liability for taking and releasing such a video.

    for discussion sake the video is taken in a private setting such as in a home and not out in the public, the individuals involved in the conversation aren't taking the video and are not directly aware of the video, and the later release of the video results in the loss of say an academic or athletic scholarship

    would the individual harmed by the release of the video have grounds for a suit against the person who released the video?
  15. Not at all. The kid is a scheissing moron. 16 year olds that talk like that (and are dumb enough to film it), talk like that for a reason. It's not some innocent mistake. He may well be a good kid beyond that, but that's not really the point.
  16. There are plenty of kids that don’t make it into TCU for whatever reason(s) that probably should, that have no sordid history or baggage. They just got overlooked considering the number of applications received.

    No sense in this kid getting in when there are many others in line with a similar academic resume to what he’s bringing, without the racist baggage. Send him to A&M or something. Tough ship kid. Don’t be a dumbass.
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  17. This (above video) is the question you should ask anyone who says the are voting for Biden.
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  18. Boy this thread got pitted quickly! Mods aren’t messing around!
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  19. Think about what you just posted... understand what you were getting at, but a person of color could take a totally different view of your post.
    Let's hope ... he's not, "just a normal student".

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