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FWST: The Big 12 baseball tournament reportedly headed to Globe Life Field

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. Boooooooo
  2. This is a good thing. Close to TCU, and don't have to worry about weather.
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  3. The weather aspect alone is a great thing imo. This tournament is enough of a stress on players as it is but throw in a couple extended rain delays and it becomes almost not worth it for anyone who doesn't need the auto bid to make the field of 64.
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  4. And we won't have any dropped fly ball in right field because of the sun :(
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  5. I can not think of a worse place to have an all day / weekend baseball tournament than Arlington (this coming from a Rangers fan).

    At least with OKC, the ballpark is downtown so there is stuff to do around the stadium. This is going to be in the ATT/Ballpark/Six Flags wasteland.

    I have come to enjoy that the big 12 seemed to have things figure out: football championship game in Arlington, Basketball tourney in KC, and baseball in OKC. Seems to work out pretty well for everybody.

    Stupid idea is stupid. If they are going to move it to DFW at least move it to Frisco. No reason to play in Arlington.
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  6. Awful idea IMO. Bricktown is perfect.
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  7. Hell Yea love it! Although not sure how any of us could have much of an opinion on a field that doesn't yet exist. All I know is I, and most likely many more frog fans will be attending the Big12 baseball tournament than in the past, and that is a very good thing. This stadium is going to be a Gem though, and I am fairly confident we will all grow to appreciate and love it.
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  8. I like Bricktown, too (way cool), but I live in Fort Worth (ironically, where TCU is located) so I like this idea. Also - what some of you people bitching must have forgotten - is we can have more fans in Arlington. Hel-lo.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Arlington, but there is now Arlington Live and some other stuff in the area. No thanks to Frisco.
  10. I can see this if you live in OKC. I have been to the tournament a few times in Bricktown and it was tired. Weird OKC winds and sun issues have left a sour taste in my mouth. I am glad for a change of pace basically in TCU's backyard. And I do not live in OKC or DFW.
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  11. I live in Arlington. Why you talkin down? Yes, Bricktown and OKC is a cool place. I enjoyed it and have nothing against it.

    But if you can't enjoy yourself in Arlington you're doing it wrong. Like corporatey chainy environs? Well lucky for you there is a ton of development over there. Don't like that? Like a more low key time? Check out one of the dozens of family owned restaurants within 10 minutes. Also all the local bars, hookah lounges, breweries, cigar lounges, etc...

    Downtown OKC/Bricktown area is great but one complaint I had is that they shut down shop at like 10pm. On Sunday night we couldn't get a sit down meal at 11pm. Arlington and its two larger neighbors go all night.

    And scheiss Frisco.
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  12. Yeah If you want to win through the losers bracket (which i dont remember anyone ever doing since we've been in the conference) you end up having to play 6 games in 5 days, nearly impossible for a college staff that's been playing max of 4 games a week all season.

    I'd say the biggest hindrance to attendance is the format, it doesn't makes sense from a fan perspective especially if you want to come from out of town. Currently you are only guaranteed to play Wed/Thursday, and by Friday there are only 2 games. So at least half the fan bases are eliminated before the prime game times kick off for the weekend.

    And then Saturday there can be up to 4 games depending on outcomes, however most loser bracket teams are out of pitchers and there are generally just 2 games starting at 9am in the morning, also not ideal. On top of this there are the weather/extra inning delays during the first couple days, which just pushes everything back throughout the day. I used to work in downtown OKC and could just walk over whenever the Frogs would start. However even planning that was annoying when a 12:30 scheduled 1st pitch would get moved to 2pm and you have a wasted afternoon at work waiting for other games to end.

    Not sure on the rules on this, but I've thought they should have just gone to an 8 team, single elimination tournament starting on Friday to make it a 3 day weekend for the whole conference. A full slate of 4 win or go home games on Friday would be a fun all day event for the college baseball fanatics, 2 game semifinals on saturday could kick off early afternoon, and then the finals on sunday afternoon. Would be a lot easier planning a full 3 day weekend as a fan than the current setup, where you are guaranteed to only play on in the middle of the week. Plus you'd be seeing the best pitchers all weekend, not middle relievers starting semifinal games like we have currently.
  13. You sound like a North Dallas guy.
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  14. I will never understand the appeal of Frisco/Plano but to each their own.
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  15. The only thing worse than Dallas is anything North of Dallas including Frisco.

    Arlington is as far from FtW as you ever need to go - this is a good move.

    Bricktown was meh - it was not terrible but OKC rolls up the carpet at 9:00 pm - which is terribad when you are in town for an all weekend tournament that goes on for hours.
  16. Bingo
  17. FTW now has the Shops at Clear Fork and Waterside which is pretty much what Frisco/Plano is pertaining to entertainment. Throw in DTFTW, upper west side (7th street area) Magnolia St area, and the Stockyards. There is no need to leave the Fort. More entertainment options here.
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    The protection from inclement weather is a good enough reason, for an event that can't be rescheduled.
    It's a major league baseball stadium.
    Easy access to/from a major airport.
    No better access anywhere to pro scouts.
  19. Interesting. Haven't run into too many Fort Worth and/or TCU fans who prefer Frisco over Arlington.

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