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FWST: The ‘electric’ player TCU football wants to shake loose

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. The ‘electric’ player TCU football wants to shake loose


    It’s time to shake loose KaVontae Turpin on punt returns.

    That’s the assessment of TCU coach Gary Patterson.

    “We’ve got to do a better job with our punt return group to get him more chances,” he said Tuesday at his midweek press conference. “We haven’t been able to get him released yet. So we’ve got to find a way to do that.”

    Red more at http://www.star-telegram.com/sports...versity/article178463081.html#navlink=SecList
  2. I'd like to see Turp get more targets as a receiver.
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  3. I guess you could throw it to him...but we'll probably just go with another jet sweep.
  4. The middle of the field appeared wide open against WVU.

    Not sure why couldn't get the ball to Turp on some slants or short posts over the middle. He's so damn fast... get a little separation across the middle and he's hard to bring down.

    Something like his TD at the end of the SMU game.

    I'm also surprised we didn't get the ball to Snell at all against WVU.
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  5. We rarely throw to the middle of field at all... KT in the slot would kill just running down the seam.. we just don't have that in our rout tree...Would love to see DA on a wheel rout out of the backfield every now and then also.
  6. Good observation and I remember seeing the same last week as well. Huge chunks of open grass 5 yards behind LOS.
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  7. My one complaint of the offense has been the inability to get Turpin touches out in space. He's our most explosive player and is currently being limited to jet sweeps, an occasional screen, and a couple kick returns each game.

    I'd love to see him get more punt return chances, but another thing limiting that is that teams are rarely going to give him a returnable punt. Also need to get more defensive stops deep in opponent territory to make it more difficult for teams to punt short and to the sidelines.
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  8. Kenny just doesn't have the ability to make reads or get the ball vertical, that great throw to Reagor last week notwithstanding. What Cumbie is doing with only being able to call an offense that is designed to get less than 15 yards every single play is remarkable honestly.
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  9. Snell hasn't been used much either.
  10. I'd like to think there is a lot more in the playbook we aren't using yet. Maybe a combination of we haven't had the need to and it's still a long season.

    We haven't really been in a situation, minus the last couple of drives vs. WVU, that a TD was a must.
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  11. I don't believe this is a fair criticism unless you have some inside knowledge.

    I'm not even saying you're wrong. I just don't feel comfortable placing 100% of this at the feet of Kenny Hill based on things that, really, only the coaches and Kenny himself would know.
  12. Turpin isn't a hidden gem anymore. Defenses are keying on him so getting him the ball has been tougher to do.

    I think that's helped others like Reagor and Diarse get some single coverage.

    That said, get Turpin the darning balllllll!!
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  13. The only play I remember him on WVU was that ridiculous 3rd down fake jet sweep / opposite pitch out that WVU snuffed out immediately.
  14. Because the LB’s would come with the pressure and the middle of the field was wide open. The slant was there most of the day if the Frogs decided to run it. Very mind boggling that they didn’t.
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  15. Maybe they want KT going over the middle as little as possible for health reasons.
  16. I know this is what it looks like when teams blitz a lot but it's usually not that simple. Defenses that bring a lot of pressure know that they are opening themselves up to quick inside breaking routes and are going to play coverages that force an outside release. That doesn't mean you can't get inside, but it usually takes either a defensive alignment mistake on the back end or a QB escaping outside the pocket.

  17. Kind of hard to believe that the QB of a 5-0 and 6th ranked team in the country can’t make reads or throw more than 20 yards. Maybe we should just run the wildcat every play, why waste our time fielding a QB?
  18. You mean the one that the ran. And then ran again with Turpin. And then ran again with turpin passing to Hill for the TD? You mean the series of play calls that worked to perfection over the course of the entire game? (I was grinching about the Snell call when it happened to. However after seeing the TD pass I see that it was just part of the plan)
  19. Kenny is capable of throwing those routs but it isn't his strength. Why do it when he's more effective at other reads? Again, it's not that he can't but he's more consistent at other things
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  20. Fair point. Let me be irrational though k?
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