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FWST: TCU, UT soccer players kneel during national anthem of TCU’s first fall sporting event

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. TCU, UT soccer players kneel during national anthem of TCU’s first fall sporting event


    TCU goalkeeper Emily Alvarado wanted to show support for her Black teammates and the Black community facing racial injustices in the country.

    That’s why she, along with 16 other players from the TCU and Texas women’s soccer teams, took a knee during the national anthem on Friday night.

    “We’ve had a lot of really good conversations as a team,” Alvarado said. “A lot of my teammates and my head coach Eric Bell have shared their experiences and that has really opened our eyes, especially my eyes, to the issues they face in their everyday life.

    Read more at https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article245820455.html
  2. TCU has a soccer team? Isn’t that an inner mural sport?

    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!!
  3. Old white man comments on social issues.
  4. Anyone kneeling for the two cops sitting in a car In LA minding their own business? Or any of the others shot sitting in cars. Just wondering. Seems racism is a one way street.
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  5. Where is this mural the sport is pictured in?
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    ageist imo
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  7. Drew stealing Christine Brennan’s headlines...
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    Hmmmm.... interesting take that an old white man's opinion is any less valid than say a young black man's. Especially interesting considering who you will be casting your vote for in November..... you know, an old white man that is running heavily on social issues.
  9. And just for the record..... [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]s given by me on this subject = ZERO. We beat UT 3-0. That was the only part of the evening that caught my attention.
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  10. Interesting.

    For my part, it is a terrible shame on TCU for not only allowing this abomination, but for so blatantly failing in their instructional duties that a bunch of dopey College-aged morons would think it is a fashionable and stylish thing to trash the Nation which raised you, protects you, and allows you to do such titanically stupid things without being dragged off to be shot.*

    Poor girls. So oppressed. Oppressed to the tune of scholarships to a prestigious University, room and board, textbooks, lodging, per diem. I help pay for that. I am wondering why.

  11. The unis caught my eye too. Love the red trim around purple numbers. That's the way last year's Texas game should have looked, silly NCAA rules.
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  12. It's harming no one so I don't see where I have any place in telling someone else how to express how they feel about the issue. I don't love that they kneel and I wouldn't do it myself but if someone else wants to.... whatever.
  13. Just like there are some words in some cultures that are viewed as incendiary, some veterans, first responders, and people who are patriotic and love this country are genuinely and deeply offended when our national symbols are insulted. Yes, being insulting is protected by the first amendment. But being insulting by intentionally offending many Amricans solves nothing other than to demonstrate a repugnant insensitivity and stupidity underserving of TCU education.
  14. Are they going to kneel for David Dorn? He was murdered by BLM rioters.

    Or do we only kneel for child rapists like Jacob Blake or drug addicts with a long rap sheet like George Floyd?

    ACTUAL BLACK LIVES MATTER QUOTE: "What do we want? DEAD COPS! When do we want it? NOW!"

    ACTUAL BLACK LIVES MATTER QUOTE: "Pigs in a blanket! Fry them like bacon!"
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  15. Is getting dragged off and shot the bar?

    Should women not want the right to vote because women in other parts of the world are more oppressed?

    If you don't believe the black people saying there's an issue, why don't you look into the police groups that also have an issue with aggressive proactive policing (like stop and frisk) and the proliferation of police duties that make it harder for police to focus on actual policing? There are police organizations who have been saying for decades that a number of these policies would just cause resentment for the police and not make us any safer.
  16. No. I don't.

    If you wish to speak of law enforcement issues without a racist tinge, such as the Hooters Massacre, or the ("Botched") Tuttle drug raid, then by all means. There are color-blind issues that are indeed ripe for discussion. However, the screaming morons of Burn Loot Murder are not terribly good spokespersons, given their trail of bloody deeds these past five years, and they have poisoned the possibility of any rational discussion. Likely by design, as chaos and upheaval are some of their objectives. Police are not "hunting down black men" across the nation. That is blood libel, not discussion. I wholly reject such nonsense.
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    Hard to argue with your premise. Frankly, if the NFL and everyone else had ignored Kaepernick, we may not be having this discussion.

    The only issue I have is the false premise of institutional racism among police. I would guess the percentage of racists among the police is about the same as in any segment of society and the premise that police are killing innocent African Americans on a regular basis isn’t supported by the facts or numbers. Breanna Taylor may have been an innocent, but someone in the house opened fire first. Anyone in their right mind trained to respond to gunfire is going to return fire. Granted none of it would’ve have happened had the police had the right address. But is that racism or just bad police work? The jogger in Georgia was totally innocent, obviously racism, but no cops involved. The whole Missouri riot thing Kaepernick started all of this began because a 6’7” 300 lbs kid was waist deep into a patrol car trying to take the cops gun after shoplifting a convenience store.

    I’m sure there may have been some innocents killed somewhere, but a vast majority of of these protested killings involve someone being approached by police for a reason, the subject was either stoned, resisted, was accused of or had actually committed a crime or all of the above. Did any of them deserve to die, maybe not. But most of these people would be alive if they had done what they were lawfully told to do and had they not put themselves in the position, would be alive today. Kind of like knowing there is a bad ass pit bull down the street, but you go down there and antagonize him after taking crack and robbing someone. Whose fault is it that you get chewed up? Not the same as walking home from church innocently and being attacked for no reason.
  18. I kinda view kneeling like Monica Lewinsky..... it’ll blow over.
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  19. There actually was a guy murdered just walking home minding his own business back in 2017... he was murdered by another black man who live streamed it on Facebook.

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