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FWST: TCU football players asking coaches to show support following George Floyd’s death

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TopFrog, May 30, 2020.

  1. What? You think we are getting the whole story? What do you think will happen if the cop gets off? Because so far, evidence is pointing to he didn't die by asphyxiation.
  2. Social media might literally be mankind’s worst ever creation.
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  3. Back when I was in school, coach Wacker marched with TCU athletes and students to protest TCU not observing MLK Day. After the march, the TCU administration gave in, honored the holiday and added another work day somewhere else.

    It was a nice compromise and showed another reason why Wacker was loved by his players, the other students and some fans.

    Right or wrong, GP's silence looks bad here. It will be another way Herman can show him and TCU in a bad light in recruiting.
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  4. The problem with social media is there are no rules. Anyone can post anything and there are no problems for them. There is no way to tell what is the true and what is a lie..
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    Wife and I were just enjoying a glass of wine on a patio in Clear Fork. Then we get word that the restaurant and other surrounding businesses must shut down because the mob of protestors is on its way. JFC.
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  6. long felt that as out of touch as most of america is on what is actually happening in washington that is just a fraction of how out of touch most of use are in our home cities.

    stunning how little people truly know about local politics and this is the area that they not only have the most impact, but where government can have the most impact for them.

    if people want to force changes killer mike is spot on about their needing to start holding the local officials accountable
  7. And this ties right in with my earlier point about personal behavior being more important than words/tweets. When you vote, actually consider what that politician has accomplished/or attempted to accomplish. Has he/she actually stood for the values you support? Has your community gotten better under their leadership? Don't just vote for the person who tells you they care about you, vote for the person that actually SHOWS you they care about you.
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  8. Buddy on my group text said maybe he should change his name to Sensible Mike.
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  9. Just saw CGP at the gas station. He obviously wasn’t doing a damn thing about racism.
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  10. GP has spent his career trying to help young black men become the best men they can be. It only looks bad to those who don't know what he's done.
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  11. smfh, what should he be doing? I hope that was sarcasm. If so, seems like some of these threads have skewed my sarcasm meter.
  12. Err, I thought it was obvious. Too dry?
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    I lived in Berkeley for years and still spend a month every year visiting family in the hills. Those Oakland hotspots are about a 10 minute no traffic shot down Telegraph or San Pablo from the UC campus. Cal students have been commuting into Oakland at any hint of civil disobedience since the beginning of time. Something approaching a 100% chance those are white Cal kids rather than white nationalists or Maga-hatters trucked in and stirring up crap. Jemele should know that.
  14. I thought so, but the COVID thread totally scheissed up my sarcasm meter.
  15. 'Cuz I'm stupid.

    Sorry for the reply fail, man.
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  16. oh boy...ignoring systemic racism and killing the environment. Was he wearing a mask?
  17. Was he smoking while eating a chipotle burrito?
  18. Good to see the same crazies never stray too far from their insanity no matter what the thread is about...
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  19. Interesting that the wife of the police officer in Oakland, CA, who was killed yesterday by a protester is observing that no one is protesting her husband's death. Father of two. 39 years old. Along with another officer critically wounded. No mention of this on NBC News tonight.

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