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FWST: TCU football players asking coaches to show support following George Floyd’s death

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, May 30, 2020.

  1. Sad days? It’s terrible someone died at the hands of one cop out of thousands of good ones, but everyone is painting this guy as a saint when he was doing something he shouldn’t. Had he been home being a good citizen, his wife and kids would still have him. The math doesn’t add up to sad times. Is there racism, of course. Are there bad cops, sure. But the ratios of good vs bad would seem to indicate such cases er very rare. Rioting only plays into what racists already think. According to crime stats, far more Caucasians are killed by blacks ( I believe I read that, could be wrong). But if true, would Caucasian’s be justified by even sadder days?
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  2. Worth the 8 minutes

  3. Yikes
  4. I was waiting for the first misinterpreted post. Just shows it is impossible to have a discussion bout such things.
  5. how that scheiss did i get into this conversation?
  6. The guy was no saint... Not trying to victim blame, but with his criminal record. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar...lis-start-new-life-released-prison-Texas.html.

    I don't think we are getting the whole story. The autopsy saying he did not die by asphyxiation, the cop in the video telling the bystanders, "This is why you don't do drugs"... something fishy is going on with this death.

    The other part is, why would they have called an ambulance before he passed out, unless they knew something else was wrong. He was on something and the whole situation is FUBAR. Frankly, I lean towards LVH, that this is something to just to keep us divided.

    When I first saw the video, I was pretty upset and thought it was gross that an officer was using that much excessive force. However, after talking to a cop, if you can say, "I can't breath." You're not really outta breath. So, I can kind of understand where the cop is coming from. Still, where the officer was guilty of excessive force, is when he stopped talking. Guy should've gotten off and checked his pulse and done CPR at that point.

    All I know is, racism is wrong, not all cops are bad, this situation is bad, and if he really didn't die of asphyxiation and the cop gets off, all hell is going to break out again...
  7. You disagree, that's fine. It's bizarre to me that a coach (or anyone for that matter) who may have spent most of his life supporting/uplifting/empowering young black men is now required to tweet about it to prove it. It's also bizarre to me that people think someone tweeting about it is really gonna make a difference.... Hey Gary, what are you doing to fight against racism? .... Oh, you know, mostly just sending out some tweets.
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  8. "You have worked your entire careers mentoring & coaching young black men to be good fathers, husbands & community leaders."

    Maybe actions DON'T speak louder than words.
  9. Truth
  10. Honest question.... what's the solution?
  11. I watched it live on tv last night. I can see the cnn center from my patio. Sad night.
  12. Good god man, put down the shovel, the hole is deep enough. SMH.
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  13. Well, that's crap. Through and through. "1619 Project" agitprop, repeated again just to reinforce the lie.

    That kind of crap makes me sick. It's a crutch, an excuse, a pathetic fiction thrust up when everything else has been trotted out and shot down. Wasn't there a black President not too long ago? I seem to remember one. Was that the result of systemic racism? All of us White Nationalists just somehow pulled the wrong lever?

    Well, here's a newsflash, twinkletoes: I didn't vote for the aforementioned sonofabitch. Why? Not because of the color of his skin, but because of the content of his character. This country uses that metric far beyond the range that people like you consider possible, and because of the hateful bile you consume and believe, you choose not to see it. This is not a racist country! The disgust and outrage shown by all people upon seeing the murder of a helpless, handcuffed man at the hands of a thug is universal. Yet, count on the Usual Leftist Suspects to take advantage of a crisis, trot out all the usual cliches, and blame the same people who didn't have a thing to do with the crime in the first place. These riots, the burnings, the lootings and all of the associated mayhem are all on the heads of the left. They have organized, funded, and supplied this chaos and did so with careful planning and hateful malice aforethought.

    Funny, but I was going to post here about the fabulous SpaceX launch earlier today. About how uplifting it was to see America return to space again in our own gear, and open a new age of travel and learning...

    ...And then I see that America is nothing but a hive of racist injustice, worthy of nothing but scorn and derision. Screw that!
  14. The people alluding to some kind of conspiracy to let the cop off the hook are loony tunes. The city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota are the last place this would happen. The AG of Minn is Keith Ellison for crying out loud. Instead of organizing a posse with your social media buddies, why not wait to see what happens.
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  15. Social Media has become and epidemic and for the first time in history, I actually believe to most people think words are absolutely more important than actions..That’s just how crazy this world has become.

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