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FWST: TCU football players asking coaches to show support following George Floyd’s death

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, May 30, 2020.

  1. Racist IMO.
  2. four years ago when we had a presidential race between hillary, trump, and johnson i thought we had pretty much hit the bottom of the barrel, but when our choices are trump and biden i am really hoping for divine intervention giving us a third choice, but not holding out hope
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  3. That’s being kind.
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    I truly believe MANY qualified and attractive candidates on all sides look at what running for and being president entails and say "scheiss that, I'll pass". Should tell us something about ourselves.
  5. After the absolute [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] show liberals have put Trump through for the last three years? Who in the hell in their right mind would voluntarily be criticized, shamed, framed and basically have their personal life destroyed to be president?
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  6. Maybe the Lady of the Lake will help us out

  7. If I'm ranking potential candidates ....

    1) Random person who was presented a sword by a water spirit.

    2) Trump

    3) Biden
  8. I have no idea who's telling the truth here but I laughed....

  9. What in what you've read or seen would show that this instance of police brutality is from a one-off rogue department?!
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    one off (as in special case) in severity based on the link I provided. Presented as a hypothetical.
  11. Are you saying the root of all of these problems are Democrats being mean to President Snowflake?

    Holy hell batman, you in De Nile.

  12. Simple question no one will answer.

    What is a Fascist Police State?

    What are citizens being victimized by their own Fascist Police State government supposed to do?
  13. Stop being [ Arschloch]s to police officers would probably be a good start.
  14. President Snowflake destroys the country and hides in a bunker like a lil *%^%# at a time when we need strong leadership most.
  15. This started with poor unarmed people being [ Arschloch]s to armed militant style police? Funny I was sure it started with Militarized police murdering unarmed poors for fun on camera, again and again and again.....
  16. Whatever.
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  17. Bunch of idiots that don't know a damn thing about history supporting this cuck of POTUS.

    There has never been a society run by the poors. Asinine to attempt to place blame on the failure of a society on its impoverished. The ruling class is responsible for any and everything that is good or bad about society. Right now it is all bad and run by a bunch of pansy old white trust fund babies that don't give a damn about this country or anyone in it but themselves.

    Give me one example of a society that crumbled because the poors running it failed...Poors are not in control of society, they have never been and they never will be. You cannot assign societal blame to poors, the blame solely rests with the ruling class. Which in this case is a bunch of myopic sysophantic nepotists sucking on President bone spurs who is hiding in a bunker with his foreign asset wife.
  18. oh my, you got it bad. my wife is a "foreign asset wife". You are a scheissing racist.
  19. My friend, it is ok to open up your mind to new ideas that haven't necessarily aligned with yours in the past. I used to share many of the same views as many of the posters here. I was wrong. It was hard to accept but once you allow your mind to open up to new ideas it does not matter what you used to think as long as you keep searching for goodness and truth. Exposure to new cultures and groups of people is a wonderful thing, but it is not our fault for being in place or culture that had not allowed us those diverse experiences.

    People are really great when you are able to make a real connection with them on a personal level. We really all want the same things, to be loved, fulfilled, void of fear and pain. We just have different ways of communicating these desired, whether it be slang, colloquial or local forms of dialect or even different languages, you can be sure the messages are all very similar as we are all human beings. Communicating in a way that makes a true connection especially across individuals of diverse backgrounds can be difficult at first, but truly enlightening once once newly formed mutual understandings occur.

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