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FWST: TCU football players asking coaches to show support following George Floyd’s death

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, May 30, 2020.

  1. The left has gotten to the point that blatant lies are totally okay if it makes Trump look bad.
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  2. How about repeatedly murdering poor people for minor offenses, or even no offenses at all, is that banned also? Or do we need to ask Lord Trump to know what we are supposed to think?
  3. "A random tweet". For crying out loud.

    I forgot the "i just ignore stuff I don't like and pretend it isn't true" mantra so many take around here. If I posted CNN, CBS, etc all reporting the same thing would that verify or would you just ignore that too?
  4. What does a Fascist Police state look like?
  5. Gonna claim affluenza from living in mommy and daddy's basement.

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  6. @AroundWorldFrog my response was before I saw your edit, and I lack that ability to edit.
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  7. Dude, I added a comment that said the comments, not you. But the tweet said "appears". And yes, ABC had retracted numerous tweets where they jumped the shark.

    And yes, it might help in this case.
  8. Cool, and I added the edit because you are reasonable and fair about 99% of the time
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  9. And you ignore the stuff that doesn’t fit your agenda. What’s the difference?
  10. “Is that your Bible”

    “It’s a Bible”
  11. He tells the truth and you make fun of him. If he had said it was his you would have called him a liar.
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    Well the guy who did it is gonna go to prison for a long time so yeah. Any other unproductive observations you'd like to add?
  13. Here's another example of the problem:

    Cop gets smoked in the head by a brick, point-blank, then colleague reasonably draws his weapon in the melee, and the major news outlets just show him drawing his weapon. They've just lost so much credibility over the last several years, as we see weekly.
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  14. Who are you asking?
  15. They've been there since pretty much day 1. The funny part about it is the dude actually does quite a bit that warrants criticism but people are so sick of the crying wolf act regarding every last thing that he does that the warranted criticism doesn't actually register with anyone .
  16. Seconding your observation. Todd and I disagree often but he's as reasonable as it gets. Todd not asshoe.
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  17. Man it could be any of us. LMAO.
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  18. I think the biggest issue is that the people protesting do not have much faith that this is true. Just a few years ago they saw it wasn't true for the cop that killed Philando Castile, for example.

    What happens if Chauvin is acquitted?
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  19. If Chauvin is acquitted show me to the nearest protest and I'll join it. Beyond that, the country might burn to the ground. It CAN'T happen.
  20. I just thought it was funny how he said it.
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