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FWST: TCU football players asking coaches to show support following George Floyd’s death

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, May 30, 2020.

  1. Moose and TxFtog1999 Are the 2 worst in a sea of asshoes on this board.
  2. The cop will be convicted for murder imo. 1st degree has to be premeditated, at least I believe that’s a requirement. Our board lawyers can provide a little more clarity.
  3. Man.....Killingsworth Court getting more foot traffic than the S&W FF forum!
  4. And I am trying to tell to quit spreading misinformation because you stated 3 things in your post: shop owner, attacked first and called them killers. Not one was even close to the truth. Try to defend it all you want you were just spreading absolutely complete falsehoods because you had an agenda in mind.

    Remind you of anyone?
  5. Lol. Says the guy who shared the "Florida is manipulating their Covid data" story.
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  6. And are they? Idiot response. Oh wait you think they are telling the truth, Ha.
  7. Covid? What is that?
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  8. This does a really great job of proving my point. 370 white out of 1,000...37%

    According to the Census bureau, white people comprise roughly 76% of the nation's population.


    235 African-Americans...23.5%. Only 13% of the nation's population is AA according to the Census bureau.

    So by the data, you have a significantly higher chance of being killed by the police if you are black than if you are white.

    You also face a exponentially higher risk of arrest and imprisonment if you are a minority in this country. Straight from the Bureau of Justice:


    So why do you think that is?

    I'm positive that in reality you don't have a clue, as evidenced by your original post...

    A guy who's been on the planet for nearly 50 years and never seen racism first-hand! Truly the most unbelievable thing in this thread.
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  9. Or lets try it this way. he mentioned three “facts” each which was false. tell me the falsehoods in what I posted?
  10. No, they're not. That trash story you posted got debunked pretty quickly, like I said it would. I'm sure you saw that but will choose to ignore it, because of that whole agenda thing you just accused TXFrog of having.

    Keep waiting for all of the covered-up deaths and hospitalizations to get exposed, though!
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  11. So the COVID thread became the racism / police brutality thread, and the racism / police brutality thread is now the COVID thread?
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  12. Seriously the story was about data and who had control over that data.Nothing was “debunked” from whet I posted but please enlighten me. Another agenda debunked. Love all the gaslighting.
  13. Coach has issued a statement, btw.
  14. It's not the Corona thread until Clay Travis says it is.
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  15. Perfect. So after he gets dumped on by some of his own players and fans it turns out that what we get from him is an actual live statement that is the exact face to face type of thing that I would have expected to be important to Gary and not just some words tied up nicely by the school's social media department and blasted onto to Twitter like every other coach did. Advantage Gary and Kelsey.
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  16. Because it debunked everything she claimed in the original story:

    "One, she is not a data scientist. She is somebody that’s got a degree in journalism, communication and geography. She is not involved in collating any data, she does not have the expertise to do that, she is not an epidemiologist, she is not the chief architect of our web portal. That is another false statement," the governor said. "She was putting data on the portal, which the scientists didn't believe was valid data. So, she didn't listen to people who were her superiors, she had many people above her in the chain of command. And so then she was dismissed because of that."

    "Rebeka [sic] Jones acted as if she had ownership of the Department of Health Dashboard website and disregarded the direction given to her by subject matter experts such as the Senior Epidemiologists, Senior Data Analysts and supervisors. She was resistant to publishing data on the website she disagreed with going against the judgement of the epidemiologists, senior data analysts and supervisors. Event Date is a field that can be queried on the dashboard that marks the beginning of the epidemiological investigation which is based on self-reporting of information that is not medically certified. The science and public health experts believe the best information is the actual clinical diagnosis of the disease verified by COVID-19 diagnostic testing," Helen Aguirre Ferre wrote.

    It was a trash story that was meant for more fear-mongering that Florida was doing shady things, and suggesting that their stats are much worse than what's being reported. Meanwhile, here we are weeks later and Florida and Georgia are still cruising right along with no bodies piling up. However, you loved and believed the story because of your agenda.
  17. So do we care about Corona again? Because I've been saving up some tweets I can post if we do.
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  18. Definitely looks like someone who was really upset about racism.

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