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FWST: TCU football players asking coaches to show support following George Floyd’s death

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, May 30, 2020.

  1. Perhaps, if society would have paid attention to the real reasons players were kneeling during the the Pledge of allegiance, was not disrespecting veterans and the flag itself, but the lack of what is not demonstarated in our pledge... "liberty and Justice for all"
  2. So like Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
  3. who said that?
  4. Quite a a bit in here to process but I'll help you with something to get you started.... you say that people have their head in the sand and you say that leaders who call protestors of color "thugs" should not be supported.... what are your thoughts on Obama calling the Baltimore rioters "thugs" and who has their head in the sand now? You want progress? Let's start with some consistency in who we demand it from.
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    What excuse did I make? The previous poster implied that the ME was corrupt and making things up about cause of death not clearly being strangulation.

    I pointed out actual evidence that Floyd was complaining of difficulty breathing BEFORE they had him on the ground. I said the finding might have been correct. And clearly said that doesn't excuse the action, or mean that it didn't cause his death.

    So scheiss me?

    You think it's MY take that's stupid? What about yours?
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  6. I haven't seen one person acting like that.
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    What, then officer Chauvin wouldn't have used unnecessary force?

    Edit : what are you talking about, Pledge of Allegiance? Weren't the players kneeling during the national anthem?
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    what you are asking is for people to get involved in their community, actually pay attention to what their local politicians have or have not been doing.

    that means to not simply vote for a party or an incumbent and actually think for themselves and most importantly realize these problems might not go away in a month, or a year, or a few years.

    trump got elected because a number of people don't trust washington, don't feel like people in washington connect with them and thought he might be different.

    he was able to tap into those feelings of disassociation and washington turning its back on them.

    the blueprint has been there for quite some time and maybe the people some should be holding accountable isn't trump. does anyone marching in the streets right now truly believe trump is going to be the answer to this problem?

    maybe the solution is hold accountable those who have been telling them for decades that they will take care of them and yet their neighborhoods don't get any better, the problems continue and they send the same people back in office without holding them accountable for failing their communities.
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    We may not be going thru all this today, if the Donald and others/Fox had not made it about disrespecting veterans/flag... too thick or mean to do the right thing then.
  10. Was not a shop owner, he attacked with a machete first and is in stable condition.
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  11. Obama actually called out people who looked like himself as thugs...that's exactly the type of leadership I'm talking about.

    If Trump would be consistent, it would be different. When you spend your whole presidency race baiting like Trump has...you push like minded people to behave the same way. Instead...he spends his time retweeting that a good Democrat is a dead democrat and praising Putin and Kim Jung IL that behave like he does.

    Not calling out Nazism and calling them fine people isn't uniting for good. It's trying to get white people to vote for him in Wisconsin and Ohio. It's sick, and you're falling for it. Congrats.
  12. Agree that is how Trump got elected...by telling people what his team told him to say because he's a con man. That and everyone hates Hillary.

    Also agree that people have to pay attention, unfortunately, Facebook and Fox News and MSNBC keep people from ever hearing anything other than what they want to hear.
  13. So has this officially ended Covid-19???
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  14. 2 days ago Trump retweeted a post that said: ‘the only good democrat is a dead democrat’ last night he called for ‘MAGA Night’ & cops dressed for battle, shot, gassed, punched, kicked, drove cars into and unleshed attack dogs on protestors. Do you see where this is going?
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  15. By that logic you could say we might not be here had CK’s protest was done in a way that didn’t disrespect the men and women, of all races, that died for our country; essentially alienating millions from his message.

    Also, when did we begin to assume the President has the power and authority to affect aspects of local governance and policing?
  16. According to the team that recorded that video he was responding, poorly, to being attacked first. I’m not sure where the other reports are getting their information, not that it matters, but I thought the first hand account was worth posting in light of the tweet.
  17. hillary represented the same old washington government and had a track record back from when bill was in office. she was arrogant and why would anyone believe she would truly change a system she believed in even though it continually failed people.

    that is the single biggest problem right now in washington. who does anyone outside of washington truly believe has any leadership? will account in the best interest of their community?

    trump as you mentioned before is all over the place and biden has been part of the process for fall too long and i am not referring to senility. you can't fix what you have become part of in ever pore. his flippant response on the way out of his interview on the breakfast club was a freaking beacon on the fact he doesn't realize the problems that have plagued certain communities for decades haven't changed.

    what is interesting is trump got called out for his comments about elijah cummings district in baltimore, but he was right about some things. the district has gotten worse over the years and yet at the time of his death all talk about cummings being beloved.
  18. The evidence has been overwhelming in so many other cases. Hell, in Minnesota, the cop who murdered Philando Castile was acquitted not even 3 years ago.

    And if this were citizen-on-citizen crime - or black cop on white man/woman crime - it would be 1st degree murder. Actually I take that back...there wouldn't be a trial. That person would've been killed by the police.

    It is interesting that cops can kill black folks for selling cigarettes on the street, but they also find a way to bring the Dylann Roofs of the world in peacefully without a scratch on them.
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