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FWST: TCU football players asking coaches to show support following George Floyd’s death

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, May 30, 2020.

  1. I would applaud Gary for saying something on the matter but the idea that we live in a world where he HAS to is just silly to me.
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    Then why did these “protestors” storm a Ferguson police station given all that department has done to bring in reformers and work with the community to seek out and implement those changes? What message does that send other than it’s all for naught? Nothing will appease them?
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  3. Me. Didn't you read his post? How embarrassing for you.
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  4. Context:



  5. TxFrog1999 is a piece of dogcrap
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    If these people were a threat then why weren't they arrested?
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  7. agree, but the issue is that with social media and the idea that you must always be branding yourself and your program with your online presence the lack of a presence becomes more conspicuous than an actual one.

    completely illogical, but i have seen this happen with a couple of agency owners is know who lost a good portion of their book of business after harvey because they "weren't reaching out to the clients and worried enough about them" when in reality competitors were pushing out global messages targeted via various social media platforms.

    both agents have great reps for dealing with their clients, making sure claims are handled fairly and quickly, but despite all that there was the perception they weren't checking in on their clients due to the lack of contact via social media.

    as many have said on this thread and this site the wold is upside down when words typed out by someone and in some cases not even said by the supposed owner of the account carry more weight than actual actions
  8. That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.

  9. Here's the problem with this..... a massive massive massive segment of society (black, white, whatever) agrees with the idea of racial equality and works toward that every day. No amount of embracing what CK was calling for will ever stop the Derek Chauvins of the world from doing what he did. There will always be awful people. The best you can hope for is that when these things happen swift justice is carried out. The incidents will NEVER go away completely.
  10. Go through this guys twitter feed. On the front lines reporting in these “protests” and helping stoke the flame. Then some rioters got too close to his fancy neighborhood and he completely changed his narrative. What a fraud.
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  11. Only silly if he wear a skin head... and I believe they are asking; but sure he feels he may have to... though also feel he has no issue doing so.
  12. you touch on something i have talked about with my daughters. hatred and racism are as old as the world and unfortunately it is something that will always be with us.

    does that mean we don't try each day to be the best people we can be and continually don't try to address these issues?

    hell no, but just as we were told a long time ago the poor will always be with us so will this sin and people must understand this is a constant fight and something we can't legislate out of existence.
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  13. Well said. It seems most people are acting like this is a one time incident.
  14. Per usual...you have to speak to extremes. Embracing what CK was calling for? Dude was silently protesting...and 90% of this board cries about distrespecting a flag or military. Nobody says that listening solves the problem and makes it go away completely. It's the typical response to tragedy of saying that CK is anti military/flag rather than saying, hmmm, perhaps a guy and his collegues risking their 30 MM salary means there's a serious problem in this country that needs to be taken seriously or the levee is going to break. Boom...it just broke.

    Same crap happens every time there's a shooting...thoughts and prayers, swift justice...but don't talk about the root causes because we just can't stop it 100%. How about 50%? How about 20%?

    Instead we pout that our military is being disrespected, or that we may not get to shoot 100 rounds in 10 seconds as if any of us grew up needing/wanting to do that crap...it's just a corporation telling you that you want to buy a crap-ton of their bullets or that you're pissed when someone kneels during an anthem. Yes...something can be done, quit being a head in sand person that says I can't handle someone's right to protest.

    Vote in people that give a crap and do something simple like training police that they will be prosecuted for kneeling on throats, shooting people in the back, etc. You have tasers...you have handcuffs.

    Stop supporting leaders that call protestors of color thugs and white protestors with torches and swaztica's "fine people".
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  15. does the “administrative state” include Trump and his Twitter account?

  16. Such a stupid take. You are trying to make excuses for his death.

    scheiss you

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