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FWST: TCU football players asking coaches to show support following George Floyd’s death

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, May 30, 2020.

  1. I think the things I do for my friends and family every day for the past 10 years have shown them that I care, but I still go to the funeral when my friend loses his dad, pick up the phone when a friend is going through a tough time, and affirm my wife after she has a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty day.

    Gary is both the leader of the “40 not 4” family, the most recognized face of TCU, and the president of AFCA. I don’t think he has an obligation per se, but it’s reasonable to see why some (maybe many) people expect him to say something.
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  2. Your second paragraph is textbook dirtbag. Treating black people as non-human, yeah you didn't overreact at all.
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  3. That's not how social media works. See, if a scumbag like Tom Herman shouts first and loudest, he has out virtue signaled you. CGP has never been one for social media, I believe his players probably know that. Several coaches and Donati have shown their support. As well as Kelsey who has always been his voice on social meida.
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  4. I’ve been told it’s only ok to send condolences on social media. Picking up the phone and actually talking to them isn’t good enough
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  5. Sorry, dirtbag out virtue signaled you.
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  6. Fair enough, but what exactly is the point of all of this? Justice? The perpetrator has been arrested and charged. Societal change through glorifying and excusing violence, destruction, and more murder? End of racism? Reparations? End of capitalism? What?

    Does a public statement ever really appease these myopic perceptions? Why do they need Coach P to apologize for another man’s murderous actions? Would they like the entire country to allow these entitled terrorists to burn it all down while the elites bail them out of jail to repeat the next night and the night after that? To what end is this disgusting carousel of sophomoric ignorance leading us?
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  7. i'm just at the point that Twitter is a pox on humanity. I originally joined Twitter just for easier access to things like sports and primarily TCU sports. But even in my meager feed, half of the crap I get from sportswriters, etc is poltical virtue signaling, look at me, i'm great for supporting this cause. It's just nuts.
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  8. To be fair, Dirtbag equally treats people of all races, colors, and creeds as non-human.

  9. I long ago instituted a personal rule that if I follow you for sports information and you give me political information it's an immediate unfollow.
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  10. The point is to reform society and institutions so that the same dignity and humanity afforded to white people are afforded to people of color. When majoritized people stand with minoritized people as advocates for those values, change becomes possible.

    You may think that’s sophomoric, Moose will certainly denigrate integrity and decency, and Around will certainly offer unsubstantiated criticism, but to many it’s simply the right thing to do.
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  11. The words on a tweet. "Man I hate this", anybody can say that whether they mean it or not. Is that sufficient? Problem over?

    I know the disciplinary branch of the TCU Administration, has a tremendous relationship with the FWPD, and I am confident (because I've seen it firsthand) that TCU gets the "first call" when a student is in trouble with the law. It doesn't change the attitudes of a nation, but for the time you are at TCU, I believe you get a more than a fair shake....

    We can only control what we can control....
  12. For decades I’ve been an advocate for CGP saying as little as possible outside the Xs and Os of the game of football. Would be hypocritical of me to start saying he should speak out on societal issues so I won’t. He and everyone should have the freedom from speaking.
  13. You know dude, I've found that just treating everyone fairly works pretty good. Until you're an ass a few times, then it's scheiss you.

    Oh wait, dirtbag is the moral authority for all of us. Wonder why he's not out at a protest instead of lecturing us?

  14. funny, because race has been a global issue for pretty much ever
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  15. No it hasn’t. Just since 1619.
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  16. Moose is a piece of dogcrap.

    That is all.
  17. And another page straight out of the dirtbag playbook....Hey everyone look at me showing how morally superior I am to these other posters by taking the stand that black people should be should be treated with the same dignity and humanity as white people ...... in a thread where literally NOT ONE PERSON has even remotely attempted to say anything other than that. Like literally every poster in this thread believes that. SMFH.
  18. I believe Gary is smart enough to not jump on the obvious bandwagon by grandstanding a la Herman, who may be on the hot seat soon if he isn't already and needs to do take overly drastic action whenever he can to rally his team.. Gary's actions speak for themselves- he has 20 solid years of quietly being the anti-racist working for him .. He's discussing the issue with his team privately and if they're good with it, so be it..
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  19. do have an issue with the belief that if you aren't posting something demand justice and speaking out against "systematic racism" your silence is implied you are good with the status quo

    do feel we have way too many happy to post and won't actually start to take action and continue because this isn't a quick fix

    do feel gary is one who has avoided discussing politics and social matters as do most coaches and believe the the post of many are disengenious, but i do think this is another example of where we make things harder on ourselves at times
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  20. So platitudes. Who can argue with integrity and decency?
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