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FWST: TCU football players asking coaches to show support following George Floyd’s death

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TopFrog, May 30, 2020.

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  2. What does Clay Travis have to say about all of this?
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    Yeah, I've read that Froglaw post like 4 times and it gets better every time... compare the current president to Hitler and then complain that politics is dividing our country and call for an end to political rhetoric... LMAO... CHECK CHECK CHECK.

  4. The news doesn't show me these things.
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  5. Well said. I think you pretty much nailed it.

  6. Someone help me out (and this is an honest question and not me arguing against what Ben is trying to convey).... so if I don't go onto social media and condemn what happened to George Floyd then I'm just as bad as the cop??? Facepalm emojis....
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  7. That's kind of the point. Police using excessive force needs to stop. Period. By turning this onto a race issue, we are allowing groups like the white supremacist groups to come in and fan the flames, instead of working to affect some REAL change in how we allow police to operate in this country.
  8. Agree that EVERY one of these short video clips needs context. 100%

    However, it is NEVER okay for police/military to fire (even less than lethal projectiles) upon US citizens peacefully assembling on their own scheissing front porch. NEVER!
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  9. The news doesn't show me this either.
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  10. Those are all valid points, but I'd like to believe our institutions are better than Germany's in the early thirties.

    Wex and some others here have consistently pointed to the corrosiveness of social media.

    I can't get this article posted en claire because of the paywall, but the Journal had a good report on how well those platforms target our brains:

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  11. He should be charged with murder, too.

    No mask.
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  12. Masks are last week’s outrage.
  13. I don't disagree.

    But again, I'm not going to judge what happened quickly and with zero context.

    And personally, if police tell me three times to do something, I do it (actually the first time).

    I stayed home because of the curfew, even though I am in a suburb 15 miles from Minneapolis. If I lived on a street where 100 police were marching down to protect me from people gathering in violation of curfew, I wouldn't be outside.
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  14. He just compared Trump to Hitler and your response is "those are all valid points"??? How is that any different than what everyone criticizes LVH for???
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  15. You're doing it wrong. Judge immediately and don't worry about the truth.
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  16. I get that. But I'd probably be the one on the front porch with my cell phone rolling, to capture the "historic" moment. Hahaha

    Either way, yelling at people and shooting paint balls at them is really just not the way to go about it. I'm pretty certain that if they were, or had been perceived as a threat, those cops/guardsmen would have been all up in their chili, not shooting less than lethal projectiles at them...

    It's just a really bad look. I am very pro-police, but we need to hold police to a much higher standard than we are when it comes to situational awareness and de-escalation techniques. The whole concept of "I'm here to protect you by shooting paintballs at you and threatening you until you go inside" is totally scheissed up.
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  17. The St Paul mayor announced Saturday that all of the people arrested Friday in his city were from out of state. This morning he said that was a report that had been discussed and they learned that was false. Then Nancy Pelosi was quoted this morning on a news program (recorded yesterday) saying that most of the arrestees were from out of state.

    We're so quick to get information out that we have zero context. I've heard people complain about how long it took to charge the officer, when it fact it was lightning fast.

    Local newscasters complained two nights ago about the lack of law and order, then this morning about the fact that some of them got caught up in police actions.

    You can't do anything right anymore...
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  18. They are not all valid points. Many or most of them are counter factual. Basic history and government should be explored by some people. Froglaws points are mostly rhetoric untethered from facts.

    Most people give Trump way too much credit for putting himself in the position he’s in (even he was shocked by his election) and ascribe to him far too much ability to impact the direction the forces in the world are going whether he wants them to or not (or is even aware of them).
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  19. Don't disagree at all.

    On the other hand, the strategy that worked last night and didn't before was the very clear message that if you are out after curfew, we'll assume you mean to do harm. So go home and stay inside, so we can focus on controlling the vandals.

    Obviously it takes just one idiot LEO to overstep, too, which may very well be the case here.
  20. Like 110% lightning fast from what I understand.

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