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FWST: TCU football lands its highest-rated recruit ever. Is he the next Adrian Peterson?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 12, 2020.

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    TCU football lands its highest-rated recruit ever. Is he the next Adrian Peterson?

    By Drew Davison

    TCU landed its highest-rated football recruit in history Monday.

    Five-star Galena Park North Shore running back Zach Evans “is in class this morning,” TCU officials confirmed, and will be eligible to play for the Horned Frogs this upcoming season.

    Evans tweeted about his decision on Monday, posting purple heart and frog emojis.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article242645111.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Despite his past issues (and hopefully he is sincere he has learned from them after what had to be a pressure-cooker recruitment process) I think if Patterson could get Boykin through school he can get anyone through.

    Lots of talent on offense. Can the offensive coaches and coordinator possibly screw this up? If Kill and Meach weren't here I would be much more worried.

    Knock knock. Who's there? TCU.
  3. How’s that OL looking?
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  4. How very annoying. AP is AP. Zach, provided he blossoms into his tremendous potential, will still be hissownself.

    He is already dealing with the curse of "unlimited potential." He doesn't need the added burden of "The Next (insert well known RB name HERE)..."
  5. I think he'll be good. I am not worried about the phone incident. If I had been good enough to get those kind of offers, I'm not sure I would handle it perfectly as a kid. Kid wants to play and get an education. Be good and work and study hard. Pretty much all that can be asked.
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  6. He had an issue earlier too. 17-18 year olds thrust into stardom ... I think Gary will keep him on the right path ...
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  7. He'll be our Sasquatch.

    And we will love him for ever and ever.

    [This comes to you from the poster what coined 'Turpin-Time"]
  8. I’m not sure he’d have any more of an issue with authority (big bad CGP) at TCU than a lot of top schools. He’d go into Georgia and walk all over their coaches? Not likely.
  9. Dan Jenkins lives on...at least, in our hearts.
  10. Yes, indeed. I hope Zach gets more yards than the Tooler Twins.
  11. 99% of the way through, at least.

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