FWST: TCU coach Jamie Dixon ejected during another close, agonizing loss

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  1. TCU coach Jamie Dixon ejected during another close, agonizing loss


    MANHATTAN, KAN. – TCU fell behind big early Saturday and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to dig itself out.

    The No. 24 Horned Frogs did just that and had their chances in the final minutes of the game, but Kansas State held on for the win 73-68 at Bramlage Coliseum.

    It’s the fifth close loss in Big 12 Conference play for TCU, which dropped to 14-5, 2-5. It’s the second upset this week for the underrated Wildcats, who beat No. 4 Oklahoma on Tuesday in the Little Apple. K-State (14-5, 4-3) could find itself back in the Associated Press Top 25 on Monday.

    Read more at http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article195785569.html
  2. How do the frogs right the ship and turn these close losses into wins?
  3. Score in the first 5 mins?

    If JD really didn’t even get mad enough to cuss - I would hope that when the officiating crew turns in the paperwork on the ejection that a serious discussion occurs on to if it was appropriate

    I am not saying JD didn’t go too far but given how seriously rare it is to get ejected in the B12 I expected what he said to be a fineable offense by the league
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  4. Not having nine full minutes without a FG in the first half would help

    Playing defense from minute 1 would also be good
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  5. why do people keep referring to using obscenities as a reason dixon got tossed yesterday? sure basketball is much akin to baseball where there are certain topics you just dont address with the officials such as balls and strikes.
  6. Jamie has 7 career technicals as TCU HC. Four from Paul Janssen, two yesterday.
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  8. I didn’t say that was the reason

    I said he never got upset enough to even go there yet was the first b12 ejected in over 300 conference games from what I can tell

    And he even laughed a little when it happen he was so shocked - so while I realize there are things you don’t question, so does JD better than everyone thus it would seem if he was shocked he didn’t go there

    Most coaches that get thrown cross the line on purpose to make the point at some level

    And the first time he has ever been thrown in his career also
  9. didn't single you out specifically and you didn't read the linked article that refers to the official in question throwing a fan out of a game for simply yelling the official was "overrated", if he made that decision over a simple heckle from a fan and he and dixon have had a bit of history as tom brown indicated i would not expect to find too much from the report other than the official has a thin skin on certain things
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  10. Paula Janssen sounds like a little [ hundin]!
  11. No idea what happened but if I had a guess I would say that he was probably warned a time or two and ignored the warnings. Most refs are pretty lenient if coaches pick their spots and argue a few bad calls, not so much if they are on their case all game long.

    Love what JD has done with the program, but sometimes I wish he’d just sit on the bench and let the kids do what they are coached to do in practice all week.
  12. JD wasn't riding the refs any hard than Coach Weber IMO.
  13. Surprised that Rabbit Ears Paula didn’t toss me from my couch for what I was yelling after ARob got assaulted on two straight drives to the rack with no call.
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  14. But he did bleed.
  15. I think there's a similarity between this year's team and the 2016 football team....Good enough in talent....Doesn't know how to use it to win....
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  16. TCU has addressed this issue with the league... it’s up to the league to take care of it.

  17. New goal is to get kicked out of a game by him for the most harmless comment possible.

    This article gives some nice material to work with.


    “Hey Janssen, I heard your retirement planning results in below average returns!”
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  18. No. No. No. No. never. Never never never.

    I’ve seen this act before by a TCU basketball coach. It doesn’t go well.
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  19. It doesn't go well when you don't have good players.
  20. Sadly, dubitable calls by referees, such as Janssen, can be instrumental in determining the

    outcome of a hotly contested game.

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