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FWST: TCU coach Gary Patterson rips NCAA’s proposed one-time transfer proposal

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. TCU coach Gary Patterson rips NCAA’s proposed one-time transfer proposal

    By Drew Davison

    TCU football coach Gary Patterson isn’t happy about the NCAA’s latest proposal to allow one-time transfers.

    The new policy would allow players a chance to transfer once in their college career and compete immediately at their new school. The policy, which was proposed last month, could be in place as early as the 2020-21 school year.

    “I’m disappointed in it, to be honest with you,” Patterson said following his team’s third spring practice on Monday. “I think they’re going to find out they wouldn’t want it to be their kids that you didn’t want a coach to grow them up. Every time it didn’t go well for them, they could just leave.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article240824501.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Question of course would be if there's more kids who are in situations where they "have to grow them up" that is short term pain for long term benefit? Or are there more kids trying to leave situations that actively harm their development?
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  3. noticed the other day karter johnson hasn't landed anywhere or at least hasn't been reported to have landed anywhere.
  4. I think it's more the former. If it's such a bad situation they can still transfer, they just have to sit out their sport a year. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything under the current (or should i say old) set of rules. There is no doubt that the academic side is being ignored if you let underclassmen transfer AND be eligible to play right away, but nobody is really supposed to care about that anyway I guess.

    I just think most of these kids transferring are doing so because they are convinced the grass is greener on the other side when it really isn't. Here's an idea, put some real honest thought into where you want to go to school when you finish high school instead of just going somewhere where you like the assistant coach or the cool videos their recruiting department makes for you. If you find out later you made a horrible decision transfer out and take a year off of sports.
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  5. Regardless of the opinions of the masses, obviously coaches aren't going to like it (whether they publicly admit it or not) because they're the ones who are going to have to spend every waking moment of their lives recruiting high school kids, trying to convince their own players to stay, and also looking into potential options in the transfer market that they can bring in. Then having to teach 30-40 new players your system and way of doing things every year because of all the roster turnover.

    I have no sympathy for the coaches who get paid millions to do this stuff but they don't all get paid millions and it is certainly making their job way more difficult potentially regardless of their paycheck. So they're not going to like it.
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  6. I absolutely hate the "if coaches can leave a school and not sit out players shouldn't have to either" rationale.
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    If they don’t have to sit, it could lead where coaches get shy about running hard practices fearing some might transfer out, and then you end up with the Longhorn Spa that was Mack Brown. Coaches will fear to push their teams to be all than can be.

    The portal allows one to shop their services but theoretically before they have to leave their university. With not sitting out a year, it will be free agency.

    The old system required to let his school know of their intent to transfer. Then, they would reach to other schools own their out. However, with the portal, they can throw a line out in the water and see who bites. A very different situation. To remove the one year sit out will change CFB for the worse imo. I am with GP, we will look back twenty years from now and realize this was the tipping point that diminished and ruined CFB.
  8. right now aren't we close to that with coaches having to fulfill the various clauses in their contracts if their employee doesn't willfully release them?

    i like the idea of requiring kids to sit a year if they have not received their degree, but i am also of the opinion that if a student athlete does get their degree they should be allowed to transfer where ever they wish without restrictions
  9. Yeah, people who say that also ignore that bad coaches get fired and I don't see a lot of players get their scholarships pulled for failing to perform.

    Football is one thing to consider - my bigger problem with the sit out a year rule is sports that are not fully funded. If a kid is paying part or all of their way, I am not sure I agree they should have to sit out really.
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  10. I still wonder what this will do to coaches at big schools that make promises to 4/5-star HS seniors about playing time when they know they have 6 guys in front of them already with the same pedigree.

    I see a lot of guys transferring out after freshman year for the promise of playing time somewhere else...
  11. Nowhere has it ever been proven that the "year in residence" is a benefit to the student athlete. it is more or less, something that was implemented 60+ years ago and just left alone. The vast majority of sports do not have a one year wait period and their students perform just fine.
  12. you watch much sec football?

    there is a steady stream of kids who are told they need to look for other places to play or they get a medical designation to clear roster space.

    sec schools aren't the only one as you see it with some of the big 10 programs and snyder did it at kansas state.

    simply google oversigning in college football and you will find multiple articles from every where from fansites to local newspapers to the wall street journal writing on this issue.
  13. well any kid who went SEC and didn't get the bag of money and the new car made a bad business decision to start...
  14. maybe so, but the idea kids don't get told they need to look elsewhere for playing time just isn't accurate.

    heck, look at the roster turnover dixon had with a few of his signees that transferred out such as parrish.

    do we honestly believe the kids make these decisions solely on their own?
  15. no I think a lot get told to look for other opportunities because they are not going to see the field at their current school - I think that happens in every sport including football, basketball and baseball.

    But at a school with a conscience, that is a lot different than just pulling a kids scholarship and telling them good luck but get out.
  16. And in most sports, excluding those three, when that is the case you can transfer to another school and play immediately.

    If we are making decisions based on what produces the best on-field results and maintains in to produce a quality sport / television product, then there should be a discussion over exactly what it is we are operating here.
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  17. This is the part that bothers me. Kid gets told he needs to find a new school because he's not good enough, so then he has to sit out a year when he does find that new school.

    I think the middle ground of everyone always has to sit a year (unless they have a degree then they get to do whatever they want because they've earned it) BUT you don't actually lose a year of eligibility is the best thing to do. But in the current political climate the NCAA is looking for easy PR victories and this is an easy one for them to take.

    I'd also be in favor of some type of academic based criteria. As long as you're X% of the way toward your degree for every semester that you've been in school then you don't have to sit a year. So if you're taking care of your business in the classroom then you get more freedom.
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  18. That would create an interesting situation for coaches and their academic advisors. They want all your guys to stay eligible but if they do really well in the classroom they'd be free to leave the program with no restrictions.

    Not sure there is a better solution than just requiring players who transfer to sit out a year. Not everything needs "fixing", some things are better left alone. It's very simple and everyone understands the rule.
  19. The reality is that the NCAA has been approving the last few seasons the majority of waiver requests to not sit out a year from high profile players who have engaged a high powered attorney. They are scared to death to have a denial challenged in court. So we already have moved to free agency to a large degree for the Justin Fields of the sport. This actually makes it more fair for the "little guy".
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  20. As Helcap noted keeping the status quo was not really an option and wavers were being granted left and right. Reform was coming in one way or another. I'm not surprised the NCAA swung all the way to full player freedom, just wish they could've found more of a middle ground.

    People say it will be like free agency, but at least with free agency in pro sports, you don't become a free agent until you fulfill the terms of your contract. This will be like every player in the NFL being able to opt out of their contract at any time they choose.
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