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FWST: TCU’s Patterson explains why he didn’t go for win at end of regulation

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 10, 2019 at 6:18 AM.

  1. TCU’s Patterson explains why he didn’t go for win at end of regulation

    By Drew Davison

    TCU coach Gary Patterson defended his decision to play for overtime, rather than trying to get into field goal range with 36 seconds and all three timeouts left at the end of regulation in Saturday’s 29-23 triple-overtime loss to Baylor.

    “You throw a pick, you get beat,” Patterson said. “You’re on your own 25 yard line. That’s not smart football, to be honest with you. You’ve held them to nine points. Why wouldn’t you think that you could hold them again?

    “I mean, I hear the boos. Everybody needs to come down. They can come down and have my job. I mean, bottom line to it, you turn the ball over after they just barely made a field goal to tie it up to possibly go in overtime, you want me to start throwing vertical routes down the field? That’s not smart football. I don’t care what anybody says.”

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article237207128.html#storylink=cpy
  2. We know you "don't care what anyone thinks" Patterson. After 7-6 last year, and 4-5 thus far this season, maybe you should stop being so damn stubborn. What used to work aint working anymore, whatever the reason(s) are.
  3. I’d just like you to throw slants and attack the middle of the field for once, Gary. Or run to the left. Or get a clear offensive identity....
  4. It would not surprise me if Gary lost the team after this. Max being the exception.
  5. Translation = my defense crapped the bed when it mattered most starting off when I forgot again that a QB can run with the ball. I need half a minute or so to pout
  6. Not very good football? Find me another coach at this level that would follow his advice, with our record and playing our undefeated arch rival....
  7. I would love to have your job coach, would love your pay check much more. Not saying I could do your job as well as you can, but you asked.
  8. Let me see if I can respond like GP.....Offense ain’t my problem. I hire a guy to for that and tell him what not to do...:)....

    How did I do?
  9. Well, considering the money involved, and since you’re offering


    I’d never win a game, but for that kind of money I’d be happy to take a few boos
  10. "I mean, I hear the boos. Everybody needs to come down. They can come down and have my job."

    Does Patterson even realize how petulant, overly defensive, and self-pitying he sounds like when he makes comments such as these? Nobody can simply "come down" and "have his job" when he makes $5 million/year and he knows it. He's entitled to defend his questionable coaching decisions but why does he have to insult fans who disagree with him while doing so?

    He acts like he should be immune from criticism. Well, I was a TCU student and a Horned Frog fan long before he even knew what a horned frog was and I'll damn well criticize him when I think he deserves it. The bottom line is that he gets paid to win football games and my beloved Frogs have lost a lot of winnable games in recent years, including four of our five losses this season alone.

    College football is all about coaching. If a college team consistently loses winnable games, it's on the coaches and not the players. For all his tiresome talk of getting players to "grow up," Patterson has failed to significantly mature himself as a coach over the years. I think he needs to look in one of the mirrors in the mansion that his $5 million/year salary has enabled him to buy and become less prideful and more humble. And do what needs to be done to justify his salary.

    And I think we all know what that is. The real reason that he let the clock run out with three time-outs at the end of the game yesterday is that he has no confidence in our offense. Of course, nobody does. So, now he should follow Coach O's example at LSU and do something about it. If he does, he'll hear less boos in the future. If he doesn't, he'll continue to hear my boos in the stadium when warranted as his predecessors did and, should God grant me a long life, his successors will as well. Nobody will ever pay me $5 million/year to coach football but nobody will ever take away from me what I do have: an abiding love for my Horned Frogs and a burning desire to see us win.
  11. After careful consideration and reflection....it is readily apparent that (someone) blew it.
  12. This is just the latest evidence that Cumbie is not in charge of the offensive strategy and not doing what he (and we) think the team should. He’s running whatever version of the offense he thinks Gary will let him.
  13. Texas game-first and ten at our 6 yard line. 1 minute left in the half. We throw the ball and end up scoring.

    I thought it was dumb but conceded it worked. Now he contradicts himself.

    I'm confused. (Granted that's easy to do)

    Ultimately, in hindsight-his strategy was wrong.
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  14. Absolutely! You have a freshman quarterback and you want to make the game as easy as possible for him to develop. So what does Cumbie do-- have him drop back in the pocket with a poor offensive line and wait and wait for someone to get open 18 to 30 yards downfield. Why not predetermined quick Slants and the like that eliminate his progressions till the game slows down. I just don't understand it.
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  15. he hurts and hates losing more than any of us.
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  16. Different circumstances. The end of the first half and the end of regulation aren't even the same. Do you know how much GP would have been roasted if TCU had thrown an interception on that last drive and Baylor had kicked a field goal?
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  17. He'd hurt more if they canceled his paycheck after each loss.
  18. It was a bad decision. You can’t always just play not to lose, unless you want to lose your team’s confidence, what little is left.
  19. This in no way proves any of that. The head coach in every game is in charge of deciding how to situationally handle this type of stuff. You can hate the decision (I certainly did) and you can believe whatever you want about Patterson limiting the offense but THIS specific situation in no way proves what level Patterson is limiting anything. This is 100% a head coach decision on every single team. No OC is making the call on how to handle that.
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  20. Stubborn and childish. He has no problem calling the fans out when he feels like it, oh, "But how dare you question me. You come do what I do!"

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