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FWST: Some say Tom Herman took a shot at Gary Patterson. But it might have been the opposite.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. Some say Tom Herman took a shot at Gary Patterson. But it might have been the opposite.


    TCU fans thought Texas coach Tom Herman might’ve provided some bulletin board material during a news conference Monday, saying Gary Patterson “doesn’t do a whole lot.”

    That’s the phrase a number of TCU fans and even former players were hung up on, viewing it as a shot at Patterson.

    In reality, though, Herman wasn’t taking a shot at all. Instead, he was being overly complimentary of Patterson and his signature 4-2-5 defense. Herman echoed similar praise for Patterson on the Big 12 conference call earlier in the day.

    Read more at https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article246081645.html
  2. It’s similar to saying, “she has a great personality!”
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  3. #fatchickhot
  4. You're trying WAY too hard (or just stupid) if this makes you mad.
  5. I guess I took his comment to mean GP doesn’t create the opportunity to exploit his scheme in a lot of ways because it’s straight forward and the players work hard to execute - so it doesn’t have a lot of the holes more complex schemes tend to have with so many different looks

    and as inarticulate as Herman seems to be - I seriously doubt he is truly a member of Mensa...thinking he paid someone to take the test
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  6. I did not read this in a bad way at all. Actually Herman is taking the high road which is very out of character for him. He must know something...
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  7. Same.
  8. Right, or "she does not sweat much for a fat girl."....
  9. The headline is confusing. What is the opposite of Herman taking a shot at Gary Patterson?

    Which does it mean?
    -he did not take a shot at GP
    -he paid GP a compliment
    -GP took a shot at him
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  10. Mensa was being complimentary, in his own clumsy way. No Coach goes out and taunts another before a big game. That's a big no-no in the Pal-Ocracy that is the Fraternity of Coaches. One always wants to build up an adversary, no matter how pitiful they may be ("Murray State scares me to death!"), so that a win looks that much better afterwards.

    I have to wonder what film he was looking at from the last two years to make the comment of us being "fundamentally sound." That's one of the bedrock things that has been disintegrating lately which Kill was brought in to shore up.
  11. He doesn't know.
  12. Much ado about nothing.
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  13. At least he didn't use the term cockroaches.... granted when you lose 3 times to the same team, you might have become the cockroach.
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  14. never saw gary as the miss congenialty of big 12 coaches

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