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FWST: New law could affect TCU’s future home-and-home series with California-based schools

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. No, the Conservative Party just had gin.
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  2. My life makes more sense now.
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  3. Wait, I thought Spike was a shell profile?
  4. Oh for sure, it is all those Democrats who deny climate change who are, right this minute , stubbornly endangering my grandaughter's future existence.
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  5. Absolutely Dirt!!
  6. This won't work because it makes sense. This IS a good idea. And your points are spot on. Now I will wait and see which snowflakes accuse you of racism (remember, these are the same people who now claim anyone who voted for Trump is a racist).
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  7. Careful with the responses, folks. Keep it from politics and just keep it to the sports. The likeness is likely to be heaviest on Football and Basketball. "oh, but Mean, how do we ever know those number?" glad you asked.
    According to the ncaa, in 2018, D1 Football, for example, Showed 14% male other, 48% male black, 37% male white.
    For football and men and women's basketall at all levels of ncaa, men's basketball is the only category with more "black" atheletes. ("male, black")

    "But what about all sports, what about golfers or field hockey or whatever we can scream nonsensical bs about to fulfill our snowflake/political quota for the day?"
    glad you asked.

    Depends on the sport. more whites in one, more others in one, more black in one, etc. Plenty of sports where there are more white.

    Here's the thing, does not really scheiss ing matter.

    the world his a lot easier when folks stick to the topic and numbers.

    so here, distract yourself for a while.

    Beat Iowa State
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  8. Well, then don't post the thread. If it deals with Cali, politics will be involved. Time to get real.
    Beat ISU!
  9. People who don't give a crap about college football?
  10. Nothing to worry about. Those players will not be ncaa eligible
  11. Fortunately I don't get offended and have no need for a safe space.
  12. Yet, here you are...
  13. Since it's been happening throughout the known history of the Earth, I don't think you will find many people who deny global warming(and cooling). Man Made global warming is definitely in question with conflicting conclusions by Scientists. You get conclusive evidence and most everyone ill believe. The next question would be, can we really do anything about it on our own without global cooperation and will what we do either improve the condition or really screw it up.
  14. Even if you read much of NOAA’s research they leave the door open a bit citing the fact we are in an inter glaciation period and have been since it got warm enough for the last ice sheet to melt back, so not surprising glaciers are still retreating. They also mention they aren’t totally sure the increasing sun spot activity doesn’t have some hand in warming (it seems to have coincided in the past). Some people seem to think El Niño is a climate change issue, however, the first documented El Niño weather phenomena was in Peru in the 1500s. And so it goes...
  15. Trump is a coward who ducked military service during a war, he's Putin's [ hundin] when he's not busy being Kim's [ hundin], he's a hero to the Klan, he's a failure at business who doesn't pay his debts, he's a failure as a husband who has the morals of an alley cat, a failure as a father whose offspring are putrid examples of the bloated and over-entitled class who think the rules don't apply to them... And this is who REPUBLICANS think is MAGA??? LOLOLOLOL.

    Now, I'll sit back for 30 seconds or so and wait for the inevitable, "Get your politics off the sports page, maaaan!"

  16. No no. I’m seeing some MaMa’s Pizza endorsement deals coming in. We can do this bleep all day. Max Duggan the new face of 1 800-Flowers
  17. Geez o Pete.
  18. That's funny ...
  19. You need some sleep

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