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FWST: New law could affect TCU’s future home-and-home series with California-based schools

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Thank you. That is good to know. I will sum it up: Dems that voted for it are being themselves; Republicans who voted for it must have been paid to vote that way. Seriously, how can anybody in their right mind (or not on the take) pass this?
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    My, we are so sensitive (this country is full of snowflakes).
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  4. There are Republicans in Cali?

  5. You should be directing your angst toward the liberal Dem who started it. Snowflake
  6. Yeah this is how I look at it. Currently the few top players lose out on earning capacity for the betterment of thousands of other players. The new law flips the system upside down so the few top players can earn big $$ while risk destroying the whole system so thousands of others not getting anything.

    The fact that the sports media is 100% in support of it without any dissenting opinions says a lot. I have a theory they know their careers are supported by covering these unpaid athletes and they feel guilty about it. 95% of fans did not have the opportunity to play college sports, and generally think the whole scholarship compensation is a fair trade in almost all cases. Make college football a de-facto minor league and watch interest decline rapidly.
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  7. Democrats hold supermajorities in both the California House (61-18) and Senate (29-11)
  8. And yes, I get the unanimous part, I’m just pointing out that a no vote would have been pointless so they went along
  9. What Newsome is proposing is the Wild West. You have a running back make big bucks cuz he's got the ball so he makes all the money. But the lineman blocking for him make nothing. This would produce chaos - bad locker room chemistry - transfers - prima donnas.

    Why not figure out a reasonable compensation (assuming the colleges are profiting that much), divide it among all D1 football/basketball players equally and throw it into a 401K or something for their future.
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  10. I think most Frog fan's negative reaction to this has nothing to do with the benefit to young black men. I would assume most Frog fans would love the athletes at our school and others to do well financially. The opposition to the California law likely stems from the advantage it creates for larger schools.

    Who's gonna sell more jerseys: Ohio State or TCU?

    The opposition comes from a fear of the inequity this change could potentially create.

    But, IF this becomes a national law, there are very few beneficiaries.

    I don't think the law is dangerous. Who would've gotten endorsements in 2018/2019? First name that comes to my mind for football is Kyler Murray. In basketball, obviously you're thinking about Zion Williamson. TCU would NEVER have landed these cats.

    Realistically speaking, this probably won't do much for inequity. If you think College Sports are fair, you haven't been paying attention. In my mind, this could make things more transparent and help a few kids out.

    The kind of thing that will help all kids, is a small fee to have their likeness in a video game, this would be essentially across the board and wouldn't create much "advantage" and I'm all for this! Why shouldn't they get paid something for having their name and likeness used in a video game?

    But overall, I'd be willing to guess that less than 1% of student athletes will get endorsement deals, and roughly 100% will be starters. Limitations exists on how many people Alabama and Ohio State can start. When they don't start, they will transfer. I just don't see how this hurts TCU.
  11. Prince, you do realize Dems hate facts. Just watch MSNBC for 5 minutes.
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  12. It was a publicity vote. And it happens often in every legislative body.
    I posted in the other thread on this ... I read the legislation. California will have a hard time enforcing the act on entitites it is aimed at. And it attempts to side step some serious challenges to its enforcement. They set the date out to 2023 for a reason, and it has nothing to do with giving people time to adjust. They either hope the courts will step in and knock it out or NCAA changes its rules. The problem comes if neither happens. At which point the legislative body possibly faces the shame of repealing their own social nonense.
    And this happens with all sorts of issues, by the way.
  13. No offense but tbh I regret posting on this subject. If I could I would probably delete and bow out. Y’all carry on as if I did please
  14. OK, let ole 2314 set everyone straight. I am sure the "spirit" of the law is to spread the wealth, but in process that will never happen, and the affect will probably be the opposite of what was intended (in other words, idealism rarely works). Typical Dem vote: Their hearts are in the right place but their heads are out to lunch.
  15. All of this is why the NCAA and NFLPA need to let athletes enter the draft earlier. Make the NFL pay for their minor league system. Let athletes make money when teams are willing to draft them. Level the competition because Alabama Ohio State etc are the teams that will lose the most talent early.
  16. What's interesting is that you think student-athletes are predominantly black males.

    Racial stereotype much?
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  17. Exactly. He is the real racist here. Heck, he brought up race when everyone else was talking about what affect it would have on college football. Typical Dem. MSNBC is full of those type of racists. Why, when the (far-left loony) Dems are wrong, instead of admitting it they always cry "RACIST?"
  18. Lol
  19. "If you are 2314, you have no life."
    -the grapevine
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  20. LOL. Are you sure you are not Spike with a fake handle?
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