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FWST: NBA bound? Here’s what TCU’s Kevin Samuel is saying about his looming draft decision

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. NBA bound? Here’s what TCU’s Kevin Samuel is saying about his looming draft decision

    By Drew Davison

    At 6-foot-11, 250 pounds, TCU center Kevin Samuel has the size and potential to play in the NBA one day. He tested the draft waters last offseason before opting to return for a redshirt sophomore season to further his development.

    Now, a year later, will he continue his development as a junior next season at TCU?

    “I’m not sure yet,” Samuel said. “I’ll talk with the coaches about it and talk to my people about it and see what’s best for me to do.”

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article241309041.html#storylink=cpy
  2. If he leaves I am sure he understands he will not be NBA ready. He could make some money and go play overseas and if he has his degree then good for him. I hope he stays and we actually use him like we should this next year but he is not ready.
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  3. He could play another year at TCU and still not be NBA ready. He would need to find an offensive game and about 3 times the foot speed. I hope he comes back but if he
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  4. He may need the money for his family, but he is no where near ready for the NBA. Might want to also stay in school since who knows when they will be able to start professional basketball up anywhere.
  5. He's an overseas player. If he's already graduated then there isn't much sense in staying around. At least not to improve his NBA stock.
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  6. Agree....I don't think he gets better or makes more money by coming back. He should take the overseas money and enjoy it.
  7. I don’t see how he ever makes it as an NBA player.
  8. I don't think foot speed is his problem unless he's trying to be an NBA all star. He's plenty quick for a lot of NBA bigs. He needs to work on his low post game with his back to the basket. Continue to work on developing that hook shot he flashed early in the season. That and a 10' jumper would really make him attractive. He's pretty solid on the defensive end.

    I look at KS through a different lens b/c he's still so new to the game. I think he's capable of much larger jumps in ability from one year to the next than we typical see from kids in college. I disagree that he can't develop into an NBA player. Nobody ever saw K Dub as an NBA player until it happened. Maybe KS is a late bloomer like Kenrich.
  9. He doesn’t fit the NBA game at all. 3 and D is the new analytics game. Stretch the floor and shoot it. He doesn’t move anywhere close to being able to play that style game.
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  10. I rewatched the NIT championship the other night and I saw two of our bigs who had offense and could shoot, Shepherd and Brodziansky, but they got slapped around by the other teams bigs like they were rented mules. Samuel has an attitude chip and can play D, he’s over 7 foot tall, that right there makes him NBA material. If he gets solid with his hook and starts making 50% of his free throws he’ll get paid, very well. I really hope he comes back.
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  11. who has already graduated?
  12. He can’t defend the pick-n-roll and that’s why true centers are being run out of the NBA. When the floor is spread he’s toast. Your right in that I think his footwork is decent for a big but the game is getting smaller at the 5
  13. Again, recognizing and defending the p&r is something he can get better at pretty quickly. He's still so raw.
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  14. He needs to be more physical. Needs better hands, stronger with the ball. Not sure footwork is the best. But hey you can probably go get paid somewhere. Best advice I think would be stay at least one more year. Probably better advice is stay two more years.
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  15. The Corona virus will prevent anyone from playing in Europe for years. Perhaps he could get a job getting things down off of high shelves.
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  16. Went to Sam's yesterday there is nothing left on the high shelves.
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  17. Any word on whether he's staying or going yet?
  18. I heard possible second round draft pick of the Wuhan Bats in the Chinese League.
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  19. I bet that's going viral..........

  20. So does this mean he's coming back?
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