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FWST: More details emerge from the arrest of TCU RB Sewo Olonilua

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, May 29, 2019.

  1. KMA and stay out of Texas

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  2. I own Texas, you go to Miss. podunk peanut brains.
  3. Absolutely, let people smoke, eat, drink and inject what they want. And, let them deal with the consequences

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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Professionally traveling, not integrating with the locals or actually living in a place and calling it home. Very different things. I guess you think If you went to broadway you now have a full understanding of life in NYC... you are a tourist with no insight, just assumptions and judgement of those unlike you.
  6. Can you say yet whether you've arrived at a position on weed?
    Lololol... Native Texan here, lived here most of my life but have lived overseas as well as other parts of U.S.- major cities and small towns. I will retire to ranching when I'm done with my day job. San Francisco is easily the best quality of life city I've lived in and it's not close.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Why?
  9. Does chronic pot smoking lead one to believe he understands the reality of others?
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  10. lol, internet tough guy doesn't know what irony means, and needs pictures to communicate. English is hard, I know, but keep working at it and eventually you will not be afraid to use English words to express yourself. But until then keep using picture books, books with words will come next in due time.
  11. I dont know you tell me, whats my reality? Whats your reality?
  12. This is glorious.
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  13. I told y’all Potheads were annoying

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  14. I am too as long as whatever consequences come from it affect them and only them. Not sure that’s even remotely realistic.
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  15. So the 11 states I’ve lived in in literally every corner of the country don’t count?
  16. You’re entitled to that opinion, mine is different.
  17. I think it’s possible. Arrest people only if they are intoxicated in public or acting as a danger to others. If someone’s getting high in their own home and not hurting anyone, leave them alone.

    I’m generally in favor in very few laws with strict enforcement of those laws. Right now we have a ton of laws with selective enforcement.
  18. You keep moving the conversation away from the main point that the successful states in this country are pro pot, and the poor, uneducated, unproductive highly subsidized states are anti pot. Please explain this fact?
    You and others attempting to portray a plant in a negative light seems to have hit a factual road bump. But dont let that get in the way of what twitter is telling you.
  19. The weather is glorious for about 355 days a year- energizing the moment you step outside.
    The women are gorgeous, friendly, educated, and people are in general happy to be there.
    The topography is spectacular.
    The architecture is spectacular.
    The diversity of entertainment options, many of which cost zero, is mind-boggling.
    The diversity of world-class food options is seemingly endless.
    Many, many mom n pop restaurants with mind-blowing authentic cuisine at nearly fast-food prices.
    You can surf and snow ski literally same day, not to mention great fishing and hunting, sailing, etc.
    If you like to ride fast motorcycles/drive fast cars there are an infinite number of fast twisties, as well as Sears Point raceway.
    Some of the best live music in the world, especially jazz.
    Public transit
    Silicon Valley
    Stanford campus
    Berkeley campus
    Marin / Saucelito
    If you live in the city you can literally walk out your door and within a very short walk or bicycle ride stumble onto something amazing and unexpected that will be entertaining.
    It's not L.A. (Sorry, Lisa)
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  20. I’m pretty much live and let live. I have no issues with pot. But in a broader context, having no deterrent to the hardcore drugs seems like a recipe for fundamentally changing society as we know it (and not in a good way), the scope of which couldn’t possibly be covered here.

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