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FWST: More details emerge from the arrest of TCU RB Sewo Olonilua

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TopFrog, May 29, 2019.

  1. Cocaine is processed with bunch of steps (chemicals) to get from the coca plant to finished product. Marijuana can be taken off the plant and smoked. Not the same thing.
  2. Gotcha. My bad.
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  3. Speaking as a guy who lived in downtown Denver for 5 years, including the night weed was voted to be legalized, I can affirm your findings
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  4. People tend to talk about things they’re in to. Cross fit, mountain biking, rock climbing, gaming, running, bowling, softball, kids sporting events, collegiate/professional sports, motor sports, etc.

    Cannabis culture is no different.
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  5. Yeh, I'm sure that's why people are coming to Texas and Florida in droves and the economies are thriving. Not to mention the state fiscal ratings heavily tend towards the South.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd live in Colorado if there weren't external factors keeping me in Texas, but to call Texas poorest, dumbest and least productive is hilarious.
  6. LMAO at one of the dumber posts I’ve seen on here. I’m FROM Massachusetts and have literally travelled to every state in the country other than Hawaii or Alaska. You nailed it buddy.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Ha, driving through doesn't count. I'm from Mass too and guess what, Mass is legal now. Guess you wouldn't want to go back now cause all the potheads pooping in the streets as you so eloquently and insightfully stated.

    Hint, you claiming weed leads to people pooping in the street is the dumbest post anyone has ever seen in here..

    Simply and clearly put, the states worth anything have or are in the process of making marijuana legal. The anti pot states are the most subsidized, worthless, least educated, close minded and easily manipulated, poorest least productive people in America.

    Sorry but your assessment is very ignorant.
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  9. These are entirely different issues. What makes you think weed has anything to do with the homeless problem in those cities? Same problem in LA and it has zero to do with the legal marijuana situation. I visit both cities frequently for business and actually haven’t personally encountered this situation. Both are great cities.
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  10. Not Texas, Texas is thriving and has mixed cultures. The southeast anti pot confederate states on the other hand...... are an embarrassment to humanity.
  11. We clearly disagree. Although you are correct that I have no interest in returning to Massachusetts. I also didn’t claim that legalizing pot leads to [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ting in the streets. I simply pointed out that SF is a cesspool. And yes, I’ve been there too.
  12. Now that is funny. I like the Clint pic too.
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    Congrats you have been on vacation, I'm sure you really experienced a full cultural immersion when you did so, really mixed it up with the locals did ya? How many folks with joints in their mouths did you see pooping in the streets of San Fran?
  14. And it's entirely possible for those internal rules to change. My question was whether TCU is bound by some outside authority (e.g. the NCAA, the Big 12, or the state of Texas) to act when a player is arrested for possession of a substance that is illegal, or if they could theoretically say "Yeah we don't care, that's his business and we're moving forward".

    It's hilarious that you start the comment by saying it's the "dumbest statement"...and then use the long debunked "gateway drug" antique as a negative. Or concern over "violence from dealers" which, ya know, wouldn't exist if the trade of the substance wasn't illicit.

  15. People are also coming to So Cal in droves. I haven’t seen so much housing construction in all my years living out here. It’s funny because many are from Texas. I think it’s the grass (no pun intended lol) is greener in another place but wherever u go, there u are.
  16. Denver has become a titan if hipster douchery...It’s an epicenter for all those hobbies you’ve listed above..However, your right in that people in general are riddled with the self importance phenomena
  17. You continue to make ignorant assumptions. I’m not sure why you find it so impossible to believe that I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in states all over the US. If it helps you to understand a little better I’ve lived in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Arizona, California, Kansas, Michigan, Texas, Oregon, and Delaware
    and spent over 150 nights a year over the last 25 years traveling all over the country professionally. You’re welcome to disagree with my opinions but I can assure you I’ve formed them based on SIGNIFICANTLY more experience than you have.
  18. Im for adults doing what they want with their bodies.
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  19. I mean that's fine, but the statistics don't back it up... California has a net negative domestic migration. New York, Illinois and Michigan are the three other major negative migration states. Florida and Texas have by far the most flowing in.

    I guess maybe specifically SoCal has positive movement, but who knows
  20. I'm generally in this camp, but I think you also have to be OK with them suffering the consequences without a bailout every time. Can't have it both ways.
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