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FWST: Mississippi State could offer enough to lure away TCU's Jim Schlossnagle

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 28, 2018.

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    I am sure their boards are a riot about now - full of people wanting to slit their throats because they settled for a good but not great hire which is unacceptable because they are the greatest program ever, others acting like Lemon-man was who they wanted all along and Schloss was just a smoke screen and the remaining group continuing with the Schloss begged Cohen for a 2nd chance after serving cold drinks to their fan base in Omaha the last week however MSU just wasnt interested for whatever rumor they want to spread
  2. Is he related to Marcus Lemonis?
  3. Are they still flipping out about their hire?

    "you never go full aggy"
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    They have gotten to the acceptance stage and have decided he really was the chosen one all along...

    although they are still having some pretty insane discussions around Schloss - they have totally convinced themselves he came back begging to Cohen even after publicly removing his name and he never actually was offered the job to begin with...

    But that between supposedly contacting MSU recruits before the getting the job, embarrassing Cohen by coming out in public to say he didn’t want the job, being more interested in housing and country clubs than the school or team, the unspecified family related issues including Kami refusing to live in a town with no mall, and Schloss wanting too much money because he would make more than Cohen - Cohen decided he would rather get a coach from the baseball powerhouse Indiana rather than talk to Schloss anymore...
  5. What a bunch of delusional ass clowns.
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  6. They’re #2 school in the middle of nowhere. Sound familiar?
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  7. Why is this thread still a thread? Move along please. Schloss is here and who cares who the head coach will be at MSU.
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  8. I don't feel we have to explain our art to you.
  9. So that we have a starting point for next year when the same discussion comes up about the FSU job...
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  10. Because off-season. There is NOTHING going on right now unless you want to create a thread discussing which team LeBron will sign with.
  11. There may not be anything in sports I care less about.
  12. Thanks for posting and revitalizing the thread. Your efforts are appreciated and should be rewarded with several more pages of posts on a topic you don't care about but decided to post in anyway.
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  13. when to lunch yesterday with a couple of friends after a meeting and one of the them drove. he had sports radio on and they were asking people to call in with the best ideas for kawhi leonard trade offers and reasons why lebron should come to houston.

    i understand why there are gambling shows on the radio as well as shows that focus on the fantasy leagues, but there should be a special place in hell for radio hosts who encourage hypothetical trades being discussed
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  14. Which was my point exactly. There is nothing going on.
  15. It's probably more because he's been to the Finals 8 years in a row. But it's certainly an overhyped story simply because of the fact that this is the most dead period of sports during the year.
  16. Dude was born to a poor single mom in a shippy place, was one of the most highly talked about people on the planet as a teenager, married his HS sweetheart at a young age and by all accounts has been a great family man ever since. He’s never been in the news for driving drunk or really anything other than basketball stuff.

    And on top of that he’s not a ball hog like almost every other single superstar basketball player.

    I get that he left Cleveland in “The Decision”, which was stupid, but if that’s the worst thing we can find on a guy, that’s not bad.

    Lebron is ok in my book. So much better than most superstars.
  17. A few years ago when I was living in Edmond I read this piece on him in the local fish wrap.

    It changed my perception of the dude. Not a fan by any means, but not a hater like I used to be.

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  18. I think my biggest complaint against Lebron was when he and Wade were mocking Dirk by coughing and acting sick after that game 4 of the finals. Thought that was disrespectful but ended up working out ok and I’m not a hater by any means. May have been more Wade rubbing off on him
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  19. You are funny.. not. The thread was still atop the list. Do not give me credit for that.

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