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FWST: Mississippi State could offer enough to lure away TCU's Jim Schlossnagle

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 28, 2018.

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    Mississippi State could offer enough to lure away TCU's Jim Schlossnagle


    OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. – TCU baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle is a candidate for the job at Mississippi State, according to a source close to the situation.

    Schlossnagle, who is in his 15th season with the Horned Frogs, declined to comment on the report by D1 Baseball's Kendall Rogers.

    The job would be of interest to Schlossnagle, according to a source, but it's unlikely to be about salary. Schlossnagle is already one of the highest-paid college baseball coaches in the country at about $1.5 million, according to TCU's latest IRS 990 form in 2016 and sources at the school.

    Read more at http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article212033659.html
  2. I wonder what life would be like being the third richest guy in Starkville Mississippi? Walk to the Country Club?
    Perhaps your children could get free tuition to one of the worst universities in the state with the worst education system.
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  3. More worried if there is a good private school for his daughter before college
  4. Can anyone name a single good reason to leave for that job? Sheesh.
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  5. Largest stadium, highest attendance, SEC is generally the best baseball conference, low tuition, my dog could get in so no player will ever have grade issues - that is about it.

    On the down side it’s Starkville, your family will hate it, not sure as many of his type of kids are going to want to play at MSU as he thinks, you will always be in someone else’s shadow in the SEC because it’s MSU, their stadium was not built for a JS type of team, and you are a hired gun running what someone else built - not a legend leading the program that you built.
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  6. Don’t have any idea whether something like this ever factors in, but there are financial implications that have nothing to do with salaries. The pool that Schloss can recruit from is fairly shallow. He needs to find world-class baseball players who come from families who can afford to pay for the astronomically high TCU tuition. Not really any such thing as a full scholly in baseball, so after the slivers of aid are passed out, a pretty big tab is left over. Too lazy to look up what they charge kids in Starkvegas, but I’m guessing it’s not TCU level. Would Schloss have an easier time recruiting top talent to MSU? I wonder? Thoughts?
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  7. Seems to me the biggest reason was never mentioned, which is the recruiting roadblocks of parents having to pick up a big chunk of change to come to TCU as opposed to a small contribution at a state school. It’s amazing Schloss has been able to do as well as he has having to basically recruit a pool of talented players coming from affluent areas.
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  8. You’ve basically nailed it.
  9. Maybe the pool is different now, but when my son was playing baseball kids who refined their skills in select league usually were affluent and went to high income area high schools. It was always a stark contrast from the kids that excelled in football. Sure, it can be a factor for some, but if you have the money, you're not sending your kid to Mississippi State! I guess if tuition was a factor, Mississippi State wouldn't be looking for a new coach.
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  10. So basically MSU has the exact same advantage over TCU that Tech has - interesting they haven’t been able to dominate in baseball just because of it - probably because a lot of kids that are really good at baseball are also above avg intelligence...
  11. Metroplex to Starkville shouldn't be considered a move....but more of a evolutionary transformation.
  12. Here is a concept - why we not modeling our recruiting closer to Stanford and Vandy and not worrying about big state U.

    While Stanford and Vandy have endowment advantages, they also have entrance standards so high that less than 1% of high school players are even eligible to attend - so they have to focus their recruiting on those players that have the grades to get in.

    I would guess there are probably at least 300 seniors capable of playing D1 Baseball that would qualify for at least a 50% academic scholarship at TCU based on their grades and test scores.

    There are another couple hundred that come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds that would benefit from grant status.

    We already do a lot of recruiting in northern states where kids often go out of state to play in the south. Out of state tuition in a lot of universities is not far from TCU levels and thus why kids from Illinois are willing to come here even on partial schollie.

    Concentrate on pools of candidates that can offset the cost issue.

    There are ways to focus your efforts to be successful given your circumstances.
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  13. I have been remarking to friends going back at least 7 years on how well Schloss recruits with high TCU tuition hanging over his head. With tuition now in the 50k plus category, is it now a breaking point for recruiting?

    Got a buddy whose son is mulling over scholarship offers for smaller type baseball programs and a full academic scholarship to UTA. I told him that the full ride to UTA and walking onto the baseball program might be the better play. He agreed.

    The best solution is for TCU’s endowment to reach the point where they have a sliding tuition scale based on ability to pay. Solves the baseball problem and for all our sons and daughters that want to go to TCU but tuition has been the road block.
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  14. Maybe, and this is just a guess, but the reason we don’t do that is because we want to win Championships?
  15. Can't speak for Stanford but I can speak about Vanderbilt as my daughter applied to there fairly recently and I got to learn about their admission processes. One of the things I learned was that they have a case-by-case admission situation for student athletes. I expect this is true for virtually every program in America (with a few exceptions).
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  16. You don’t think Vandy or Stanford can win a championship recruiting only smart kids?

    You don’t think any of the best baseball players in America come from lower income homes?

    So the best players are avg intelligence, middle income only? Or is that just the easy pool to find because tbey are the most common?
  17. I believe his daughter will be a freshman at MSU?
  18. Vandy put out an article one of the years we were in Omaha with them about their avg SAT scores, grade point avgs and majors of the baseball team - they would largely be getting academic scholarships at TCU if it was true
  19. I think only recruiting 1% of the talent pool is not a winning strategy if you want to win a Championship. I’m sure you could run a quality program doing it.
  20. His son is the one the graduated from TVS this year

    His daughter still has a year if I remember correctly

    Look up private schools in Starkville and compare it to TVS - you will see what I mean

    Only a daughters love...

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