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FWST: Luke Pardee, grandson of Texas football royalty and ‘Junction Boy,’ commits to TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. Bear Bryant became coach of Ags in 1954 and took his team to Junction, Texas (Stalag 17) for August training.
    He took about 100 players and came back with 30-35 hard bitten ones who would hit anything moving.
    His teams ran the ball (John David Crow) and played mean defense to be successful. They were top ten several years.
    Three off that stinging defense (Pardee, Crow and Charlie Krueger) are in College Hall of Fame.
    Bryant was at Ag 1954-1957, but got them on probation for illegal recruiting, before leaving for Alabama.
  2. Also one of his daughters was at TCU 78-'79 or so while Jack was still HC with the Redskins and living near Middleburg, VA. Maybe she is this young man's mom?
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  3. Bryant was supposedly quoted (and I can't remember the supposed quote, exactly) as saying something like "my volunteers always worked out better than my hired hands", obviously a reference to illegally paying players.

    I wonder if Bryant had that experience at A'nM, as a part of their decades-long tradition of paying players, or 'Bama. Or both?
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  4. According to the book ‘Junction Boys’ yes, the Aggies were paying players during Bear’s time at A&M.
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  5. yep,Prolly cost us a NC at College Station in the rain.
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  6. A$M has probably been paying players for decades. Jimbo is continuing the tradition.
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  7. That must have been tough working for Bud Adams.
    "Hey Jack, I'm going to bring in the most divisive coach in the NFL to our club, to shore up the defense".
  8. people i know who worked for/with the oilers said single worst thing about bud was how cheap he was in running the team
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  9. Adams lost his fan base in Houston. It takes a special sort of business person to lose a pro football fan base in Houston.
  10. PWO is a walk on (no scholarship) who is guaranteed a spot on the roster.
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  11. cal is taking steps to surpass bud's accomplishments
  12. My Dad was on the sidelines at that game and standing on that goal line. To his dying day he said Swink scored, and more than once.

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