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FWST: Luke Pardee, grandson of Texas football royalty and ‘Junction Boy,’ commits to TCU

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  1. Luke Pardee, grandson of Texas football royalty and ‘Junction Boy,’ commits to TCU

    By Drew Davison

    Luke Pardee is ready to bring his family’s football legacy to Fort Worth.

    Pardee, the grandson of famed “Junction Boy” Jack Pardee, is joining TCU as a preferred walk-on quarterback. Pardee said he will arrive on campus this summer.

    “Football has been a huge part of my life growing up,” Luke told the Star-Telegram in a phone interview on Thursday.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article239811333.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Anyone blocking the entrance to the black hole of transfer door? I can't imagine a pedigree name won't be encouraged from the outside to bolt....
  3. If he is half as good or tough as Jack, we have ourselves one heck of a player.
    Those two games with Ags in '55 and ' 56 cost our Frogs dearly, and Jack Pardee was a huge part of it.
    He played six man football in high school and is in the College Football Hall of Fame.
    Hope we can hold on to this kid, because he certainly has the blood lines of greatness.
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  4. Jack Pardee was one hell of a football player. Hopefully, Luke is a chip off of the same old block.
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  5. One of the great games of this rivalry (1956), hurricane game, but we lose 7-6 with Swink stopped at the goal line 3 times. We were rated 4th. in nation at the time. Chuck Curtis should have, on at least 1 play, done a roll out option but it was Swink 3 times in a row. Swink had scored previously on a drive but a penalty called it back. Swink said years later the weather was worse on Kyle field than anytime when he was in Vietnam. It was touch and go at the time who our biggest rival was, Ags or Horns.

    TCU played some real bad ass football during this period, always a ruff and tough bunch. Just real difficult to beat. Remember Lilly lifting that Beetle up in front of a girl's dorm, made the front page.
  6. I was at the 1955 game in Ft Worth, we lost 19-16. ACS was sold out and I had to pay $5 to stand in the north end zone with several friends. As an 11 year old, I thought the price was way too high as the usual price for kids was fifty cents for end zone seats.
  7. Memorie, memories, memories. The one thing that stood out to me at the time was how tough and dominating we were both offense and defense when you had to play both ways. 19 players went to the NFL from '56 thru '59. Think about that offensive line of 58'-'59 with Lilly, Don floyd, Sherrill Headrick, Roy Lee Rambo, and Arvie Martin. No wonder Swink, Curtis, Spikes, Harry (the hare) Moreland were so good, but of course talent also. Then when we went on defense, try to run around Lilly and Floyd.
  8. Those were great years, and that's when I learned to truly love TCU!

    Go Frogs!
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  9. We have some olds in this thread.

    I just want to win, baby!
  10. Affirmative, had the honor of being on the field leading cheers during that notable era

    in the 1950's. I've always felt that the 1955 team was the Frogs best during that period

    followed closely by the prominent exploits of the 1956 group.
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  11. What a great thread. I can remember seeing the great Jim Swink run zigzag down the field. But it was even a greater pleasure getting to know him later in life.
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  12. Question, did Luke have any other offers? I was wondering since I don't understand how PWO works. I'm guessing he will have to pay his way until he gets a scholarship?
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  13. As great as LT was, the time lapse on Swink seems to diminish his greatness.

    It's hard to grasp now, but for his CAREER, he avg. 13.3 yds/carry, against the Horns - absolutely hated them and as the legend goes, a Texas cheerleader at a pep rally before the '55 game instituted the horns down in an effort to slow down, "The Rusk Rambler." However, the hex didn't work, 47-20 Frogs as Swink scored on runs for 4 TDs. and avg. 15.7 yds./carry. That's when we were ass kickers, to UT and everybody else and what made it so great, it was in Memorial Stadium - Go Frogs.
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  14. Chuck has said the hail was hitting helmets so hard players couldn't hear an audible-- so no roll out.
    Game should have been delayed, because sun came out later. Different days, and you played in bad weather.
    On one play, at the goal, Swink rode Buddy Dike's back well into end zone. Ref placed the ball on the one inch line.
    Only time I ever saw Jim show a temper, but he had good reason. That game may have cost Frogs a NC,
    RIP Jim, Chuck and all the others who are gone but not forgotten-- they gave us some life-long memories.
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  15. Pardee’s wife is a Horned Frog!
  16. Love all these old stories. Thanks for sharing them.
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  17. Same Jack Pardee that coached the Oilers?
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  18. Yep, U of H and Oilers.
  19. interesting how an old school, hard nosed football player who was an nfl linebacker went all in with the run and shoot starting in the usfl then to u oh h and finally the oilers
  20. Had the honor and privilege of interviewing Jack Pardee for an article. Such a nice man, and he would have let me have an audience with him for as long as I wanted. Of course, I asked him to tell me a few Junction Boys war stories. He is simply class.
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