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FWST: Lucas Niang pushing to be NFL’s top pick

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. FWST: Lucas Niang pushing to be NFL’s top pick

    By Drew Davison

    TCU’s Lucas Niang returned to school for his senior season because NFL evaluators didn’t view him as a first-round pick last spring.

    That didn’t sit well with him and he’s now on a clear mission. It’s not just to prove he’s among the top offensive tackles in the country, either.

    “Man, I’ve got to prove that I’m the best,” Niang said at Big 12 Media Days earlier this week. “I look at myself as the No. 1 overall pick and I guess I haven’t shown the world that. My pass-blocking is fine. I need to definitely dominant in the run, maybe incorporate some NFL technique in my game."

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article232776432.html#storylink=cpy
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  2. He's been really good for us. Looking for a monster campaign.

    TCU will continue as an NFL OT farm
  3. Would be REALLY nice to have a solid line, will make a huge difference for whoever is QB'ing. Pumped to see how Niang performs this season
  4. I like the OL this year
    LT - McKinney - proven senior.
    LG - Myers - has had a year to learn OG position. And if McKinney gets hurt or doesn't play well, Myers can easily move over to LT.
    C - McMillon - little worried here.
    RG - Iwuagwu - proven senior
    RT - Niang - very proven senior with ambition to be 1st round pick.
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  5. Yep exactly, it's nice not to have a bunch of new guys on the line. Agreed about the C, but hopefully he will show up and progress
  6. I'm not sure #1 pick in the draft is a realistic goal for Niang simply b/c a tackle taken that high almost always plays on the left side. I can see him being a 1st round pick, but it seems like an obvious strike against him that he'd be on the right side of our line rather than the left.

    Maybe the game has changed and that's not a good rule of thumb anymore?
  7. nice to read that lucas believes he can get better and hopefully the work has been done similar to what we have seen from big ross.
  8. Interesting that his draft feedback last year was that he needs to improve his run blocking. I feel like that’s a common criticism I’ve heard of Frog lineman. Pass block well but run blocking isn’t yet where it needs to be.

    So Meyers is probably going to slide into McKinneys Tackle spot next year and do we really think Hollins has been passed by McMillon..I kind of hope so. I still think we’ll need a Grad Transfer OT for next season
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  9. I thought Harris was pushing for the C spot too, no? I know he struggled last year but improved late and I remember hearing good things from the spring (i think).
  10. i remember early in lucas' career at tcu and being struck with how well he moved when he pulled and got out in front of ball carriers.
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  11. been rumors, but until they put the pads on all is pretty much up in the air especially when you are talking about line play.

    i do think a strong off season in the weight room and the agility work would pay big dividends for the frogs offense
  12. Maybe he’ll play for a left-handed quarterback.
  13. There would have to be a left handed quarterback in the league for that to happen.

    So either Tua gets drafted or Tebow comes back.
  14. I thought about that before posting, but...

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  15. It all starts in the middle. If a team gets consistent push up the middle your entire gameplan is completely ruined. No runs, no pass, just a bunch of crap. It happened time and time again last year.
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