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FWST: LaDainian Tomlinson challenges TCU to examine its past, ties to racial injustice

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. Or, a bad person...
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  2. Excellent suggestion. Worthwhile viewing. For the record I was able to watch it on Prime last night.
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  3. it’s a black thing because the issue is being raised by a black football player. we would start hearing about the Chinese, Irish, or saudis once we have a prominent player that rises to a level where they have a voice.

    what do you want LT to do? get up and say ‘tcu has a history of racial injustice but what I really want to discuss are the Irish.’
  4. I get the "what about" argument and it is no argument at all.

    Mom, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" Same logic.

    LT is right in that slavery should never have happened, but it did and here we are.

    Texas. Christian University was built by two Diciples of Christ brothers who, after a bloody four years of civil war, came home to Texas. Not with hatred but with Bibles. They had learned that the world needed to change.

    TCU continues to evolve into something better than yesterday.

    Learn from our past to change the future.

    Eliminating Addison and Randolph Clark's names from the campus history books for fighting on the losing side will accomplish nothing.

    Inclusion of minorities, scholarships, racial understanding, community growth, etc will change the world.
  5. Why not? Does LT have a problem with the Irish or does he only care about people with black skin? Please examine how narrow minded your point was.
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  6. So you're saying if other races don't have pro athletes, they don't matter? There are social injustices in every race of some kind, not just black.
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  7. Not at the same level. At least not here.
  8. This has been my argument from the start. There's a huge difference between "Statues that honor Robert E Lee or other Confederate officers for their actions during the Civil War" and "Statues that honor people for great things they did, but who happened to fight for a wrong and immoral cause earlier in their life".

    Those statues aren't raised to honor their Confederate heritage. The college is not named after "Addison and Randolph Clark, heroes of the Confederate Army". They are honored as two brothers who founded a university to better their community (albeit one that remained segregated for way too long). If we're gonna tear down any honors for people that have sinned at some point in their, then we might as go full iconoclast and realize we're just not gonna have statues.
  9. And no one gives a crap about Native Americans.
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    really? that is just plain stupid.

    Would you like me to list off the number of Native North American tribes that no longer exist in this world because of other races? I am not taking enslaved - I am mean exterminated from the planet.

    or the fact that today the average yearly income, standard of living, education, health index, life expectancy and growth rate of the Native American population is lower than the black community in the US? Do you know that sexual assault, abduction, missing children, and violent and unsolved crime rates are higher on tribal lands than in any single community in the US?

    Do you realize that the Native American population TODAY is basically half of what it was in 1500 AD? that at one time their numbers were less than 200k living members - down from an estimated 15 MILLION before Europeans and Africans arrived in North America. only 2.4% of our population has some level of Native heritage in their family.

    Meanwhile the black community in almost 6x larger in the US.

    A line of those that have been wronged in this world would be long. The black community in America is only one of the groups that would have claim to be in that line and they would not be in the front of it from either a world history or US history perspective.

    The issue is many seem to think they are the only ones standing in the line....
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  11. So true...
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  12. No, it isn't. I am responding to a post that says "there are social injustices in every race of some kind, not just black." Yes, Native Americans are certainly a notable exception in terms of severity as well. That does not mean every race faces the same social injustice that African Americans face in the US both historically and today, so the attempt to lump them all together and act like African American injustice is not exceptional compared to most (again, not all) is preposterous.
  13. Yes, and give Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas back to the Lakota Sioux and move this cancel culture into high gear and get the hell rid of that statue of that long haired blond, General George Armstrong Custer.
  14. well this entire movement would be a lot more interesting and genuine if the members of the movement would acknowledge their own race's role in eliminating another race and how they plan on paying their own restitution for those actions....

    then we could have a real discussion about all of it.
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  15. Damnatio memoriae
  16. how often we do that so that what remains fits our agenda.....
  17. And I have to fight like a scalded dog to get attention on IHS to this very day. Once got a rebuke for getting a certain med available through IHS in OK because the company took a loss for every dispense. Told him what he could do with his negative margin and that loss to follow-up is so freaking high in IHS anyway that he could do you know what to himself. I’m still here. He isn’t. One of the worst experiences of my career. My outcomes liaison told him he was welcome to come to Talahina and lecture us in person but we weren’t listening to someone who never leaves the NY/NJ area.
  18. How often?
  19. Anytime a group of people doesn’t fit into the narrative we use to form our perspective- so pretty much anytime we have an opinion?
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