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FWST: If Alabama’s Jalen Hurts decides to transfer ... TCU could be “perfect landing spot”

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. I texted him earlier, I’ll let you know when he responds
  2. Considering 3 possibly 4 teams. One intrigues him but the climate is a concern. He has talked to all but is torn. Will announce as soon as he and his family feel comfortable with one. He really isn’t sure when that will be.
  3. anyone want a hurts donut?
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  4. Pretty much every day...
  5. Any intel about whether we will be asked to respect his decision?
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  6. Is there a press conference at 4pm?
  7. Which coach did he unfollow?
  8. Just need BigPurple to post that Hurts is going elsewhere, and I'll order a custom Hurts TCU jersey
  9. I haven't really followed this thread much because I've always felt that the odds of Hurts coming to FTW were really long. But I can't figure out why he'd even consider coming here with the style of offense we play. Sure he could start immediately but I figure that's the case most places. If he has NFL aspirations, I'd think he'd want to go somewhere that at least allows him to throw the ball down the field and over the middle as opposed to WR screens and all of the other lateral stuff we do. I suppose we could tell him we'll change for him but I don't think the history looks very good for what he probably needs. SIAP
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  10. Maybe if we had a QB with his skill set we’d have those options. Robinson had strength but his accuracy and timing were off. Collins I don’t know.
  11. Worst PS ever?
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  12. I'm not totally sure he did. He used to follow Jeremy Modkins, but I don't see him on this list anymore (unless the names have been reshuffled): https://twitter.com/JalenHurts/following
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  13. If you were on moble then followers aren’t in order I figured out. I looked yesterday and saw Modkins and Reagor next to each other
    Edit: he still follows GP too
  14. Good lawd that a weird edit
  15. Let me quickly get my Maryland wager in!

    Poor edit makes those shoulder pads circa 1985
  16. I think that someone photoshopped his head on an O lineman’s body.
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  17. It would be really weird if he wore #24 too.
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  18. I get the Mayland connection but beyond that it makes almost no sense to me.

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